Donald Trump Shakes Up Campaign, Announcing New CEO and Campaign Manager

Donald Trump is shaking up his campaign.

The news comes as consistent battleground polls, including one conducted by the openly Trump-supporting Breitbart News, show Hillary Clinton with leads over The Donald.

But Trump isn’t giving up.

In a step first reported by the Wall Street Journal, Trump is hiring a new campaign manager and campaign CEO.

First up is Kellyanne Conway, a veteran Republican operative and pollster. Conway will lead a campaign struggling to open offices in swing states and that has just now announced major television ad buys.

Conway will functionally be Trump’s third campaign manager, supplanting Paul Manafort and Corey Lewandowski. Lewandoski was fired several months ago, and remains a staunch defender of The Donald. Manafort is under investigation by Ukraine for alleged cash payments, a story spread by Lewandowski on Twitter.

Trump has also shocked the media by bringing on Breitbart News CEO Steve Bannon to be his campaign chairman. Bannon will temporarily step down from Breitbart to work for Trump.

Under Bannon, Breitbart News emerged as a leading defender of Trump.

Earlier this year, Bannon and Breitbart News were faced with a situation when Lewandowski was accused of shoving reporter Michelle Fields to the ground. A police report was filed, as first reported by Independent Journal Review, but a prosecutor declined to pursue an indictment. Through it all, Bannon was criticized for allegedly showing too much deference to the Trump campaign, instead of his reporter.

Breitbart has also proved to be a consistent challenger of Congressional Republicans.

In a recent move that earned them derision in some media circles, Breitbart enthusiastically backed Paul Ryan’s primary challenger, even claiming the House Speaker was terrified of losing his re-election bid.

Ryan went on to win with 84% of the vote.

With these two new people steering the Trump train, his fans should pay careful attention. Perhaps this is what his campaign needs to get on the right track?

Watch more coverage of the announcement below, via CNN:

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