Twin Brother Mobsters Arrested for Mafia Style Murder

It’s a murder for the movies.

Twin brothers, Louie and Vincent Iacono, 36, the children of a well-known mob boss, were arrested for the murder of 35-year-old Carmine Carini who is the son of an associate to the notorious Gambino crime family, the New York Daily News writes.

According to the New York Post, Carini was the housemate of the Iaconos, where they reportedly took Carini out by smacking him with a hammer.

After Carini was unconscious, the twin brothers wrapped him up in a blue tarp, tied a cinderblock around his legs along with an electrical cord and a bucket filled with construction materials, and dumped him into the Jamaica Bay. An incident in which police believe took place late August.

Following the murder, the brothers were captured on security camera not only walking into their apartment with the materials but also dumping Carini’s body into the bay, according to Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez.

Carini’s body was discovered by police Thursday, although, by the time he was found, his body was so decomposed that he was only identifiable through his fingerprints.

Officers first on the scene said the crime was “right out of ‘Goodfellas.’”

The New York Post notes that Louie has since been charged with murder and tampering with physical evidence, while Vincent has been charged with hindering prosecution and tampering with physical evidence.

They each have a number of prior convictions and have a hefty bail price. The brothers have since filed a not guilty plea.

Their next court date will be February 9.

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