From Profane Rants About Sexual Assault Allegations to Blackface, Twitter Can’t Get Enough of VA’s Drama

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Not even Lemony Snicket could have predicted the series of unfortunate events that would unfold for Virginia Democrats — and Twitter has been eating the drama up.

In just the last week, Governor Ralph Northam (D-Va.) launched a national outrage over late-term abortion that prompted a former classmate to drag out a copy of a Northam’s yearbook page that featured a racist picture of two men dressed in Ku Klux Klan robes and blackface. Northam denied that he was in the pictures, but admitted to impersonating Michael Jackson in blackface.

Despite calls for his resignation, he hasn’t left office. If he were to leave office, Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax would take his place.

Fairfax, however, is facing accusations of sexual assault. He has told reporters that he believes Northam, or someone from his team, leaked the allegations to protect Northam. In response to the allegations, Fairfax reportedly brushed them off, saying, “f**k that b**ch.”

There haven’t been as many calls for Fairfax’s resignation, but the allegations also haven’t been fully investigated. If Northam resigned, and then Fairfax resigned, Attorney General Mark Herring (D-Va.) would be next in line for governor.

Herring, however, also admitted to wearing blackface. While Northam claimed he was impersonating Michael Jackson, Herring said he was dressed as a rapper. He has apologized for his actions, but many see this as problematic as Northam’s photo.

So, if Northam resigns, and Fairfax resigns, and Herring resigns, the fourth person in line is the Republican Speaker of the House of Delegates Kirk Cox. In the House of Delegates in Virginia, Republicans have a one-vote majority, but even that has a story.

In 2018, a delegate race ended in a tie after two other recounts. With the balance of power in the House on the line. The Virginia Constitution requires the two candidates to put their name in a bowl and the victor is the name drawn. The Republican candidate David Yancy won and Republicans won control of the House.

Because Republicans got control, they nominated Cox to be the speaker, but Cox has his own issues. The district he was elected in was found to have unfair boundaries and his district lines have been struck down and redrawn in a way that’s favorable to Democrats.

Reid Wilson of The Hill summed it up in one tweet:

All of this chaos has been nothing if not outrageously entertaining. Several have taken to Twitter to express their disbelief with the situation.

Who will be the governor?

Are they all racist?

Did he really say “f**k that b**ch?”

How did this all happen?

For now, it isn’t clear what is next for Virginia. Northam, Fairfax, and Herring haven’t shown signs that they are ready to leave, no matter how loud the calls get.

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A new bumpersticker. “VA is for lovers (of liberal hypocrisy)”

“National Blackface History Month” is hilarious and sooo appropriate.


I consider VA the opening act for the Dimocratic primaries. The long knives will be out.


Kathy Tran’s bill was not about “abortion”; it was about legalizing MURDER of a newborn baby.





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