Twitter CEO Vows to Spend Big Chunk of 2020 Living in Africa


After a whirlwind tour of the continent during the month of November, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey told his followers on the social media platform that he is planning to move to Africa for at least part of the year in 2020.

“Africa will define the future (especially the bitcoin one!),” Dorsey wrote. “Not sure where yet, but I’ll be living here for 3-6 months mid 2020.”

Dorsey made the announcement following the end of a three-week jaunt that took him to Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and Ethiopia. Along the way, he met with bitcoin entrepreneurs, software developers, and others active in the continent’s tech startup scene.

Twitter, a publicly traded company, did not respond to requests for comment about the plans of its chief executive.

Those who call the continent home welcomed Dorsey’s decision, saying they hope it will shine a light on a vibrant part of the world that often goes unnoticed and rarely gets attention unless it’s bad news.

Others, however, noted the timing of his move and wondered if there weren’t other reasons for him to be AWOL at the height of the U.S. campaign season.

Dorsey came under fire last month, especially from conservatives who believe the platform to be hostile to their movement, when he announced that Twitter would not be accepting any more political ads. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said the ban runs counter to the American tradition of free speech and stands to benefit only “incumbent politicians and the mainstream media.”

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Mark Schlesinger

Two totally useless things:bitcoin and twitter.

William Conley

I wonder if he’ll buy a few if those kids to serve him in his lavish mansion he’ll be staying in in one of those oh so wonderful countries he listed. We all know Ethiopian is a beautiful and developed Nation that’s what Africa is known for right self sustaining. That’s why we have charities constantly telling is that a kid starved to death there every day. This asshat is hilarious acting like he’s enriching anyone’s life by taking a fancy vacation and doing staged photo shoots in the nicer areas of these places.


That sounds like a great idea Jack, but I would like to make a recommendation to You and the US Govt. If you just happens to get invited to be the guest of some of those Boko Haram Terrorist or Whoever I think that the US Military should let some of Your lefty Twitter Followers rescue You at your and Twitter Company Expense. Don’t you think that is a good idea?

Omega 2
Omega 2



BFD I am fairly certain Mr Dorsey will still be living in the lap of luxury with a servant or two to attend to his every need.





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