After Two ‘Angels’ Saved Her Family From a House Fire, a Mom Realized Everything That Mattered Fit on a Couch

On Jan. 6, Talicia Johnson’s family awoke around 3 a.m. ET to two strangers pounding on the bedroom windows.

According to the Houston Chronicle, smoke alarms failed to alert the family of a fire in the attic, which would claim the entirety of the home.

Fortunately, thanks to two “angels,” the family was able to make it out of the house and to the safety of their grandma’s house next door.

“We think these strangers saved our lives. I believe that wholeheartedly. I think God had them at the right place at the right time,” Johnson told the Houston Chronicle.

Everything except for their cars, some children’s clothing, and a firebox with important documents were destroyed in the flames. However, on the couch, Johnson realized she had in front of her the only things that truly matter. She explained to the Houston Chronicle:

“I ran to my Mom’s house next door when the fire started with my three kids and dropped them on her couch. My oldest daughter was holding the younger two kids as I prayed over them. I looked at them and realized that everything that was important to me was on that couch. Things are replaceable. My husband and kids aren’t.”

The next day, the family went to church so her 2-month-old son could receive his Bible.

She explained that aside from her husband’s shoes, everything they wore to church had been purchased or donated to them by the community.

“I know that God has this,” she said. “He has my family in the palm of his hand and I don’t need to worry.”

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