The 911 Call Two Teenaged Sisters Had to Make Shows Just How Terrifying a Home Invasion Can Be

Were you ever nervous being home alone when you were a kid? Well, these two girls lived through that fear when two men broke into their Nashville, Tennessee, home while their parents were out.

The two sisters, who didn’t want their faces to be shown, told WKRN-TV that they hid in a cabinet in their parents’ bathroom—and that’s when they called police.

Image Credit: WKRN

The 16- and 13-year-olds were able to get ahold of the police while the two men tried to get in. The police quickly arrived to find Carlos Murillo and Brian Tomberlind.

Tomberlind fled the scene in his car, while Murillo hid in the very same bathroom the two girls were in.

Image Credit: WKRN

Murillo was quickly captured, as well. Luckily, both girls made it out unharmed.

The older sister had a positive outlook on the whole terrible ordeal:

“I’m most glad that I could help capture two guys that could have done worse.”

The two criminals have a history of violence and robbery, and are now facing burglary charges.

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