Two Marines Testify Against ‘Antifa Mob’ That Jumped Them in Racially Charged Attack

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In November, Alejandro Godinez and Luis Torres claimed they were attacked by an “antifa mob” while they were walking in Philadelphia.

The two Marines appeared in court to testify against their alleged attackers, Thomas Massey and Tom Keegan.

According to Philadelphia Magazine, Godinez and Torres were in the city to attend an event for the Marine Corps and tried to see some of the tourist sights before they made their way to the dinner that evening.

Unfortunately for the two Marines, the “We the People” rally was also going on in town that day. The event brought together right-wing activists — which, per usual, attracted antifa counter-protesters.

According to their testimony, Massey and Keegan stopped Godinez and Torres and asked if they were “proud.”

The antifa members were referring to the far-right Proud Boys group that has frequent violent run-ins with antifa.

“I didn’t know what Proud Boys meant,” Torres stated during his testimony. He and Godinez responded that they were Marines.

Massey and Keegan allegedly took that to mean they were part of the Proud Boys and began to call the two Marines “Nazis” and “white supremacists.” The encounter quickly turned violent, and the two Marines were allegedly jumped, punched in the face, and hit with mace.

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When Godinez realized they were being attacked for being mistaken for “white supremacists,” he quickly shouted, “I’m Mexican!”

Godinez said that didn’t phase the attackers, who allegedly continued to hit him while hurling racial slurs.

According to their testimony, the two Marines were swarmed by a “mob” that chanted “f**k him up” while the two were being maced and “stomped” on.

Godinez claimed that it sounded like a “soccer stadium” as the mob laughed and cheered for the attack to continue. He was taken to the hospital after the attack and claimed that he still suffers from decreased vision due to the repeated mace attacks. He also said he may require surgery.

“I could have died that day,” Godinez said.

Massey and Keegan face felony charges of aggravated assault and conspiracy, along with a handful of misdemeanor charges. Keenan also faces charges of ethnic intimidation for the slurs he’s accused of using against Godinez.

The two antifa members will face the judge again on December 27.

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I’m disappointed the two proud Marines didn’t stomp the piss and vinegar out of the Idiot Boys’n’Girls.

James Hutchins

American fascists hiding behind an antifascism claim. THEY ARE FASCISTS! Lock ’em up. This is just another form of terrorism, domestic terrorism. A decade in prison seems appropriate here.

Edgar Fuss

Antifa looks like a bunch of children dressed up in costumes. Is it really just some kind of game for them?

Anna Ostby

Up until a few weeks ago I had never even heard of the proud boys and what I know about them now they sound a bit agressive and hateful maybe not as destructive as antifa but they sure aren’t quireboys

Anna Ostby

Antifa are just a bunch of common thugs who couldn’t care less about what the regular leftyloons believe in …they destroy property and assault people and the cops just stand there and watch ….this country has to put an end to this insanity and law enforcement has to do their job and protect civilians.


Hate is hate. Period. And Hate is cruel; it is violent; it is intolerant; and it is wrong. Period!!!


“continued to hit him while hurling racial slurs.” Why isn’t this being treated, prosecuted, sentenced as a hate crime?

Funny how almost all those in the pictures are white. The garbage-can shields are “cute” and appropriate. Give me a wrist-rocket slingshot and some ball bearings or marbles. Take out the feet and the head is that much easier to hit.


Why is it alright for a Mexican to be proud of being hispanic, a Negro to be proud of being black, an Asian to be proud of being Asian; but when I say I’m proud of being white I’m a Nazi or a white supremist or at the very least, racist.





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