Savage: TX Republicans Offer Pelosi Paid Trip to Campaign for Dems and Show Voters Why Their Policies Won’t Work

In a letter addressed to the Texas Democratic Party, Gov. Greg Abbott’s campaign has offered to foot the bill for an all-expenses-paid trip for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to campaign for Democratic candidates across the state.

“The Texas Democratic Party has long looked to California for financial backing and as a model for the socialist policies it wants to implement here in the Lone Star State,” the letter begins.

It continues:

No Californian represents the principles of big government and higher taxes better than California Congresswoman and House Leader Nancy Pelosi. This is the same Nancy Pelosi who said that sanctuary cities makes us “safer” and who referred to tax cuts for the American people as “crumbs” — statements that are in lockstep with gubernatorial candidate Lupe Valdez and the entire Texas Democratic Party.

“On behalf of Texans For Greg Abbott, I would like to extend an offer to bring Leader Pelosi to Texas to campaign for Democrats across our state,” the letter continued. “This offer would include the leader’s airfare, hotel, and per diem expenses for the entirety of her visit to Texas.”

The letter states if Pelosi is to accept the invitation, she will not only enjoy “Texas’ finest barbecue establishments,” but she will be able to “witness firsthand how our commitment to freedom and limited government has resulted in tremendous success and prosperity for the people of Texas.”

In the race for his re-election, Abbott leads Democratic candidate Lupe Valdez by an average of 20 points in the polls, according to Real Clear Politics.


  1. Please Nancy take him up on his offer. Bring DiFi and Kamala to ensure proper representation. Ask Bernie if he’s got any plans.

      1. They can afford it or DiFi can easily foot the bill, based on net worth. Bernie’s wife can easily cover this. Socialists are misers when their own money is at stake.

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