Knife Control: UK Proposes to Ban Home Deliveries on Knives to Decrease Attacks

As the United Kingdom is facing an increase in crime involving knives, new legislation is being proposed that will no longer allow people buying knives online to have them shipped to their residential address.

The Independent reports the legislation, proposed by Home Secretary Amber Rudd, would also put a ban on the sale of “dangerous corrosive products” to anyone under the age of 18 to combat the series of acid attacks.

In their announcement, the Home Office stated police will be granted “extending stop and search powers”:

The government will also make it a criminal offence to possess corrosive substances in a public place and publicly consult on extending stop and search powers to enable the police to search for and seize acid from people carrying it in public without good reason.

It will also ban “rapid firing rifles” and bump stocks. Other measures could later include:

  • Stopping knives being sent to residential addresses after they are bought online
  • Changing the legal definition for threatening with an offensive weapon to make prosecutions easier
  • Banning the possession of a knife on a further education premises
  • Banning rapid firing rifles, and certain powerful firearms and bump stocks, which increase a rifle’s rate of fire
  • Updating the definition of a flick knife to reflect changing weapon designs

“This government has always stood for law and order and to tackle violent crime effectively, robust legislation and powerful law enforcement must be in place,” Rudd said. “That’s why we will introduce a new Offensive Weapons Bill that includes a new offence of possessing acid in public without good reason, prevents sales of acids to under 18s and stops knives being sent to people’s homes when bought online.”

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