Unbelievable: Bill Clinton’s ‘Private’ Meeting with Attorney General Sets Off Wildfire of Reaction

Bill and Hillary Clinton didn’t reach the heights of the American political power structure without their fair share of hubris.

But a ‘private’ meeting between former President Bill Clinton and sitting Attorney General Loretta Lynch at the Department of Justice is raising a lot of eyebrows–and not just Republican ones. Hillary Clinton is currently under FBI investigation for illicit private server practices at the State Department. The FBI is under DOJ jurisdiction.

The impromptu meeting, as the official explanation would have it, occurred after the political heavyweights serendipitously crossed paths at a Phoenix-area airport on Monday night.

Former President Clinton arrived prior to the Attorney General and awaited the arrival of Lynch’s flight, according to ABC 15 in Arizona. Clinton and Lynch then boarded a private plane on the west side of Sky Harbor International Airport.

The topic of conversation? We’ll just let Lynch explain it herself:

That’s right. Grandchildren, traveling and golf. Seems delightful.

The reaction of seasoned political observers, however, was less-than-delighted.


Then came the questions and a charge for the press to do its job.

The blowback came on the news networks.

A former Clinton adviser unloaded:

And sitting Democratic Senator Chris Coons:

As for the general public’s reaction, it was easily understandable.

The FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server practices–and the serious national security consequences of unsecured communication of classified information–is ultimately being overseen by a ‘good friend’ of the Clintons.

We just thought the American public should know that.

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