Undercover Project Veritas Video Claims to Catch NYT Editor Red-Handed Revealing Strong Anti-Trump Bias

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas claims they’ve caught a New York Times editor revealing how he slants the news to promote his own political beliefs.

In part one of a series of reports called “American Pravda,” O’Keefe reveals the “Audience Strategy Editor” for the Times, Nick Dudich, claims to be a Donald Trump-despising, former Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton supporter who uses his job to make sure his viewpoint is prominent in the videos accompanying his stories.

O’Keefe alleges Dudich used his job, potentially “shaving, maybe even distorting, political coverage at the Old Gray Lady.”

In the video, Dudich claims to be James Comey’s godson and an undercover antifa activist working for the FBI. None of that appears to be true, according to O’Keefe’s reporting, and he wonders how Dudich is working for the Times.

In the video (see it below) the editor alleges the NYT gets favored treatment from YouTube because of his connections:

He also told O’Keefe’s undercover reporters he’d love to “target” President Trump’s “dumbf**k of a son” Donald Jr. and Eric to “get people to boycott going to his hotels.”

Whether the Times editor was just messing with O’Keefe’s reporters is in question, but not for the Time’s Deputy Managing Editor, who tweeted Dudich may have violated the Times’s “ethical standards”:

O’Keefe wondered if Dudich was still working for the “newspaper of record”:

You can see the video for yourself below: