Undercover Trump Supporter Crashes Hillary Event — Only to Find Out He’s the Only Attendee

Over the weekend, a Hillary Clinton campaign office in Delaware, Ohio, planned to do a canvassing event. But their busy afternoon of door-knocking didn’t go quite as well as they’d hoped — the only person who showed up before it was supposed to begin was there for other reasons.

A man behind a camera — identified only as “Eric” — walked into the Delaware Clinton headquarters, and at first everyone seemed thrilled that he was there. Two tables laid out with Clinton/Kaine signs and sign-up sheets were flanked by empty chairs.

But then he explained why he was really there…

The Clinton volunteers quickly — but very politely — escorted him from the building.

The fact that Clinton is struggling in Delaware, Ohio, is not exactly shocking — Republicans outnumber Democrats in that county three to one. But securing that area may still be a struggle for Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Holly Quaine, president of the Delaware Area Chamber of Commerce, explained to the Wall Street Journal:

“The inertia in Delaware County is to vote Republican. But with Trump, you have to stop and think. He’s Donald Trump—Kardashians, reality TV.”

Most of Delaware County was firmly behind Ohio Governor John Kasich, who has continued to make things difficult for Trump in Ohio since he himself left the presidential race several months ago.

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