Students Write off ‘VeggieTales’ as Racist — Show’s Former Writer Steps in to Set Them Straight

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The “VeggieTales” series featuring several vegetables — including a tomato and cucumber as their main stars — was meant to teach children about stories in the Bible but apparently, it’s racist now “because the villains are vegetables of color.”

A group of students at the Cal State San Marcos held their “Annual Whiteness Forum,” which included labeling the Christian cartoon as racist — a red tomato and a green cucumber are apparently racist now.

The forum is a result of Professor Dreama Moon’s final class project for the students called “The Communication of Whiteness,” which also labeled the NFL as racist due to White American coaches and Black American players, white women who support President Donald Trump, and “VeggieTales,” The College Fix reported.

One female student told The College Fix the evil vegetables tend to sound ethnic or Latino, creating racial stereotypes.

“When supremacists aim to taint the way children think of people of color, it will work,” the “VeggieTales” project read, Fox News reported.

“Whiteness in the Bible isn’t just seen as ‘power’ it’s seen as ‘good.’ When kids see the good white character triumph over the bad person of color character they are taught that white is right and minorities are the source of evil.”

Watch the video below:

Another project presented in the forum was about “White Women’s Role in White Supremacy,” portraying women who support Trump next to photos of women in the KKK, The College Fix reported.

“I feel like the university system [leaders] are a bunch of hypocrites, they’re talking about stopping racism and promoting equality for all, yet they have no problem bashing white people,” one student told The College Fix, saying the forum did the opposite of promoting equality.

A former “VeggieTales” writer and narrator and best-selling author, Eric Metaxas, responded to the students’ calling the vegetables racist and taking the cartoon out of context.

“All vegetables are part of one race, even though they are of many colors,” Metaxas told PJ Media. “They are all descended from the same parents — the Adam and Eve of vegetables, who foolishly ate a forbidden fruit (irony?) and screwed everything up for all vegetables descended from them. At least I’m pretty sure that’s the story.”

The “VeggieTales” cartoon is only the latest to be picked apart, as other cartoons have been deemed offensive, including “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,” which was ripped apart for a “racist” scene and “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” apparently portrays racism and homophobia.

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Paul J. Gorzkowski

I don’t know about all of this yet, I haven’t done my investigations into finding the facts and proper sources of it. But I can say that the whole Rudolph debacle was a sham by Conservatives to push a false narrative to keep the negative divide among Americans. You can find it here on my Facebook page – It’s already pinned at the top of the page. And I am a Conservative by the way!

Teri Hill

You people are the epitome of racism and you’re out of your ever-loving mind! REALLY!?! You FREAKS wanna ignore color? MY GOD CREATED THOSE COLORS, PEOPLE, FRUIT, VEGETABLES, COUTRIES, IDEAS, CRAYONS…(ok, well people who, also OF color, created beautiful arrays of colorful artistic materials….oh, shall we be ignorant on THAT, too?
FREAKS! Please, please please…if you’re not learning anything of value in that University…go home and let someone else learn something sane, valuable, USEFUL


This is silly. My friends and I growing up would watch Veggietales. That show is harmless and EVERYONE can enjoy Silly Songs with Larry.

There is nothing wrong with being cognizant of racial stereotypes. But if the goal is just to recognize and understand those stereotypes, then they probably need to tone down the verbiage used when communicating their findings.

If you are constantly looking for bad intentions where there are clearly none, then you aren’t helping anything.

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