Univision Anchor Slams Maduro After Being Detained in Venezuela for Confronting​ Him During Interview

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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is not helping his case after having Univision anchor Jorge Ramos detained after a difficult interview.

According to Ramos, he asked Maduro difficult questions about his recent actions and the suffering of the Venezuelan people. After showing a video of Venezuelans digging in a dumpster for food, Maduro allegedly stormed out of the interview.

“He didn’t like the things we were asking, about the lack of democracy in Venezuela, the torture of political prisoners, about the humanitarian crisis that they are living,” said Ramos.

After the interview ended, Ramos and his crew were separated and he was forced into a room for hours without access to his cell phone. The crew’s equipment was also taken from them and they have not gotten it back.

“I told Nicolas Maduro that millions of Venezuelans and many governments in the world do not consider him a legitimate president and they consider him to be a dictator,” Ramos said.

Ramos posted a video to Facebook to speak out about the experience, claiming that “they don’t want the world to see” the truth of the Venezuelan crisis.

“This is a violation of freedom of expression and a violation of human rights, a violation of all the principles of journalism,” Ramos said. “They think the interview is theirs, and not ours. They are stealing our work.”


Real America with Jorge Ramos: Detained in Venezuela

#ATTENTION. Jorge Ramos shares what happened with the Univision team and him when they were detained after his interview with Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela.

Posted by Real America with Jorge Ramos on Monday, February 25, 2019

As IJR previously reported, many American leaders have spoken out against Maduro. Last month, President Trump expressed that military involvement could be a possibility.

“Certainly, it’s something that’s on the – it’s an option,” said Trump in an interview.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also spoke out in support of National Assembly President Juan Guaido.

“Now is the time to act in support of the needs of the desperate Venezuelan people. We stand in solidarity with those continuing their struggle for freedom,” tweeted Pompeo.

“The U.S. will take action against those who oppose the peaceful restoration of democracy in [Venezuela].”

It is uncertain how much the Venezuelan crisis will have to escalate before action from other countries is taken.

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Gee, Crazy Bernie says there is some democracy in Socialist Venezuela. And, who’s right about the starving people – Bernie or the starving people of Venezuela?


Clue #6 you’re a dictator: (and failure) no one waits in line for toilet paper since using the local currency is much cheaper.


Clue #5 you’re a dictator: there are no food lines because there is no food for the “little” people.


Clue #4 you’re a dictator: there are no food lines because your secret police and Cuban-trained paramilitaries attack those waiting.


Clue #3 you’re a dictator: (and Socialist failure)(yes, that’s redundant) Bernie Sanders says nice things about your policies.


Clue #2 you’re a dictator: you take an “on-air” snack break while addressing your starving people.


Clue #1 you’re a dictator: You wear a heavy gold chain AND a sash but don’t rap.





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