UPDATE: Photo Emerges of Possible Secondary Explosive Device in Manhattan

Authorities are investigating a possible secondary device in New York City after an explosion injured at least 26 people in Manhattan on Saturday night.

NBC News reports law enforcement sources found a pressure cooker-like device a few blocks away from the site of the explosion:

Less than three hours after the blast, an object police described as a “possible secondary device” was found a few blocks away. It was later sent to a NYPD range in the Bronx aboard a special containment vessel, the mayor’s office said. Three law enforcement sources described the find as a pressure cooker with items attached.

Fox News reports the secondary device had a cell phone attached to it.

Photographs purporting to depict the device found by police circulated on social media:


Earlier, NYPD warned residents to stay away from the site where the second potential explosive device had been discovered:

Mayor de Blasio delivered a statement on the explosion during a late-night press conference. The Mayor stated that investigations have yet to connect the attack to terror “at this time,” adding there was “no specific and credible threat against New York City at this point in time from any terror organization.”

De Blasio did state that authorities believe the attack to be “intentional.”

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