US Honors Muslim Cleric Who Showed ‘True Selflessness’ as He Hid Hundreds of Christians from Attacks

Fleeing attacks by the Muslim herdsmen, 262 Christians fled and sought refuge in central Nigeria in a Muslim Ceric’s home and mosque, who is being honored for showing “true brotherly love” to them.

On June 23, 2018, farmers who are Christians in 10 villages found themselves under attack, but they found relief when Imam Abubakar Abdullahi, 83, provided shelter and didn’t give in offering them up to the attackers, according to CNN.

During Wednesday’s first-ever International Religious Freedom Awards ceremony held by the Department of State, International Religious Freedom Ambassador Sam Brownback noted that while giving the hundreds of Christians refuge, Abdullahi “stood outside the doors confronting the Muslim attackers, pleading with them to spare the lives of the Christians inside, even offering to exchange his own life for theirs.”

Brownback labeled the actions one’s of “true courage, true selflessness, and true brotherly love.”

At the ceremony, which “[honors] extraordinary advocates of religious freedom,” Abdullahi was honored with 2019 the International Religious Freedom Award — who was able to attend the event — along with several other religious leaders. The four others that were honored with an award were from Sudan, Cyprus, Brazil, and Iraq.

Watch the video below:

“Your presence here underscores the fact that faith matters — the right to worship, to assemble, to practice, and to teach one’s faith is undeniable,” U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told the crowd at the ceremony. “We have a responsibility as civilized people who care about freedom, to protect it in every way that we can.”

See Pompeo’s comments below:

As the U.S. Department of State describes the 83-year-old Muslim cleric in their press release, he “selflessly risked his own life to save members of another religious community, who would have likely been killed without his intervention.”

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They will kill him if he goes home!


He is dead if he goes home!


One of the children of God at work. So many like him we never hear about. Only bad people get publicity today.


God bless this man who took ‘nanawatai’ to heart.

michelle p

Maybe this would show the Squad women what really caring is a bout.Not opening your big ugly mouths and spewing hstred

Betsy Lawson

True brotherhood and kindness. True compassion and selflessness. He deserves the honor without one doubt.

Patti Harrison

That was a truly remarkable and incredible brave thing that this imam did for his Christian neighbours, I hope and I pray that there will be more like him in his religion and in other religions around the world!


This Gentleman (I chose the word and the capitalization purposefully) and the other honorees are true examples of the innate good that resides in most of humanity. By their example they lead, hopefully many will follow.





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