US Urging Talks While ‘Holding Gun’ at Iran: Iranian Military Official

Carlos Barria/Reuters

A senior Iranian military official has accused U.S. President Donald Trump of dishonesty, saying Washington is calling for talks while “holding a gun” at Tehran, the semi-official news agency Mehr reported on Friday.

Trump has said publicly he wants to pursue a diplomatic route with Iran after withdrawing the United States from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, moving to cut off all Iranian oil exports this month while beefing up the U.S. Navy and Air Force presence in the Gulf.

Iran has dismissed the U.S. military build up as “psychological warfare” designed to intimidate it, and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said this week that Tehran would not negotiate with the United States on another nuclear deal and such talks would be “poison”.

“The actions of American leaders in exerting pressure and launching sanctions … while speaking of talks, is like holding a gun at someone and asking for friendship and negotiations,” Mehr quoted Rasoul Sanai-Rad, a political deputy of the armed forces command, as saying.

“The behavior of American leaders is a political game which consists of threats and pressure while showing a willingness to negotiate in order to present a peaceful image of themselves and fool public opinion,” Sanai-Rad said.

(Reporting by Dubai newsroom; Editing by Hugh Lawson)

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Tom Bodine

If they fire a shot at us this whole conversation will be moot.


2015? But Trump wasn’t president then how can he withdraw from the nuclear deal? He did it in 2016

General Confusion

Trump’s goal is just to rework the original deal, to take Obama’s name off of it and put his on it. He did the same thing with his YMCA trade agreement to get rid of NAFTA.


The Iranians are desperately trying to appear to be a legitimate nation rather than bullies and sponsors of terror; it is not working.
If anyone thinks they or a proxy of theirs did not ️attack those Saudi ships, said person(s) are foolish.

Rich Temple
Rich Temple

The Iranians would be doing the same to the us if they could…who’s kidding who.

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