Van Jones Sits Down With Meghan McCain — Suggests Sarah Palin Set Us Up for President Trump

Meghan McCain, daughter of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), left Fox News last year to join ABC’s “The View.” And although she does often defend conservative ideals on the show — occasionally even defending President Donald Trump as well — she has often been critical of the Trump White House.

Her father has been equally critical, opposing the president on health care and immigration, among other things.

On Saturday evening, Meghan McCain joined CNN’s Van Jones for a segment on “The Van Jones Show,” and the topic of conversation swung to her father.

Jones delivered what could have been a simple question:

“One of the things your dad got criticized for was picking Sarah Palin.

But maybe he was ahead of his time. In some ways, isn’t this the party not really just of Donald Trump, but isn’t this really the party of Sarah Palin? And if she would have run now, someone like that, right now, how well do you think a Sarah Palin would do in the modern Republican Party?”

But McCain turned the focus back to Trump, to whom she referred as “lightning in a bottle”:

“I still think President Trump is lightning in a bottle, I don’t think he’s going to be emulated very easily. The billionaires who are — Mark Cuban and such — who are talking about running for president, I don’t think it’s as easy. I think it’s a very specific man and a very specific moment.

You know, I think the question of Sarah Palin, ’cause I’ve heard it argued to me before that she was sort of like the first opening of the populist movement within the Republican Party.

I’m mixed on it, ’cause part of me thinks, yes that could be true. The other part of me thinks that it was just the wave where the party was going.”

McCain also lamented the fact that she doesn’t feel there is room for more independent, moderate Republicans within a party that seems to be awash in Trumpism: “I know what the party is. It’s Trumpism right now. I have no doubt about it. Trumpism has really taken over, and it’s been a difficult thing for me to come to terms with.”

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