Veteran and GA Resident Explains Why Netflix, Disney Threats to Boycott State Over Pro-Life Bill May Backfire

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Veteran and Georgia resident Joey Jones pointed out potential issues with Hollywood moving production out of Georgia due to a heartbeat abortion bill during an interview with Fox News on Friday.

He pointed out that famous conservative Dan Cathy was partially responsible for helping introduce the film industry to Georgia.

“Dan Cathy, the owner of Chick fil A, brought Hollywood to Georgia in a lot of ways. So a lot of people don’t know this,” said Jones. “Pinewood Studios is in Fayetteville, Georgia, the same town that Chick fil A was founded and operates today.”

He also pointed out that the tax breaks are not the only incentives that they would be missing out on if film companies and actors refused to work in the state, pointing out the workforce that has moved there.

“The amount of workers that it would take just to do Netflix’s setlist alone don’t exist in this country,” Jones said. “The industry is booming that much. The Georgia film academy has thousands enrolled and they have thousands more on the waiting list. They can’t just pick up and move.”


Joey Jones Explains Georgia Irreplaceable in the Film Industry

Joey Jones explains what makes his home state of Georgia irreplaceable in the film industry as Netflix and Disney consider boycotting over heartbeat bill

Posted by Fox & Friends on Friday, May 31, 2019

Disney is one of the main companies that use facilities in Georgia, and Jones stated that a majority of the Marvel films were shot there.

“And Pinewood Studios is the home of Disney. It’s the home of Marvel. The last ten films, I think since ‘Ant-man,’ have either been filmed in Georgia or at least the reshoots have been done right there is Pinewood Studio in Georgia.”

As IJR Red previously reported, Walt Disney Co Chief Executive Bob Iger claimed that continuing to film in Georgia would be “very difficult to do” once the bill takes effect. However, as Jones pointed out with his examples, moving such a huge industry may do more harm than good.

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Hey didn’t they build their company by it supposed to be for kids and families? So isn’t killing future customers bad for business? “Sarcasm Intended” F DisneyAbortionLand oops I mean DisneyCrapLand no one needs them

John Gagliano Jr

This guy is being dramatic, it’s not that hard to find workers. Many films are shot in Canada, movies will just move out of the country and then be called unpatriotic

John Gagliano Jr

It won’t be so hard to film in Vancouver or Montreal where many films are filmed already. This dude is being dramatic.

Sandra Lueder
Sandra Lueder

Business and politics should not be mixed. Knock off the SJW c r a p.

Pat Warnock

Disney just opened Star Wars Land – is Abortion Land next?


These companies need to leave states alone and not try to put their murderous beliefs on us. My daughter is canceling her Netflix. She tried it, she had Hulu. She us going back to it. She says it is as good and cheaper and may be they will not go for baby killing. If they decide to do this Georgia needs to boycott Netflix and Disney should they choose to get in our business.


Our entire business model is geared towards children, now go out there and abort them! Walt Disney is rolling in his grave.

william jackson

Iger is a coward!

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William Barr

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