Veterans Group to Distribute ‘USS John McCain’ Shirts at Trump’s 4th of July Rally

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A veterans group will be in attendance at President Trump’s July 4th bash, but the president might not be entirely happy with the message that the group is bringing to the event.

VoteVets, a left-leaning nonprofit that aims to highlight issues important to veterans, will be distributing t-shirts bearing the likeness of the USS John McCain at the Washington, D.C. rally. The shirts, which are going for $30 online, read “Big Bad John.”

In a statement to IJR, Jon Soltz, an Iraq War Veteran and Chair of VoteVets, said, “We had a lot of policy battles with Sen. McCain, and fights on issues of war, but we always respected his service, and his sacrifice. July 4 is about coming together as a country, to celebrate what has bound us together since 1776 – the belief in something bigger than yourself.”

Soltz continued, “While VoteVets and John McCain never much saw eye-to-eye on policy, and probably still would not if he was around today, his family’s service to America spoke to that sense of realizing this nation is bigger than just one man.  Honoring that kind legacy – especially of a political opponent’s – seemed fitting for July 4.”

The shirts will be produced by Rags of Honor, a print shop in Chicago that “has the mission of providing employment and services to homeless veterans,” according to their website.

Rags of Honor founder Mark Doyle, wrote on the group’s site, “Whether it was Senator McCain, his father, his grandfather or his sons, the McCain family has given more to this country than most, and America’s birthday seems like a great time to honor that service and sacrifice. After all, people like them — and there aren’t many — made these kinds of celebrations possible.”

Trump openly feuded with John McCain while the Arizona senator and Vietnam veteran was alive. And the president has continued to throw verbal jabs at the late American icon after his passing.

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If VoteVets believe “in something bigger than yourself”; WHY are they promoting a self-centered “me, me, me” RINO like McCain?

I wouldn’t pay $30 for a gross of his T-Shirts to wash my truck with.

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