Videos of Mandatory Miami Evacuation Show Just How Serious Potential Irma Victims Are Taking Storm

On Wednesday, Florida Governor Rick Scott ordered the emergency evacuation of Miami’s coastal area, stating residents must leave in light of Hurricane Irma.

Following Scott’s orders, Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine has continued to stress the importance of the evacuation.

During an interview with CBS4, Mayor Levine said of the all-consuming hurricane:

“This storm will envelop us whether it is off shore or on shore. It won’t make a difference.”

Mayor Levine then pressed:

“I’ll do anything in my power to convince [people] this is a very serious storm. This is a nuclear hurricane. They should leave the beach, they must leave the beach.”

While it’s clear that Mayor Levine is frightened for the people of his town, it appears as though the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey is giving people a reality check about what these storms can really do.

With people knowing that Irma remains a strong Category 5 hurricane they’re not messing around, CBS 4 notes.

The videos below show that residents are doing their best to get out before it’s too late:

While the traffic might not be ideal, people are not taking any chances this time, as you can see from aerial footage:

According to CNN senior meteorologist Dave Hennen, Irma could create one of the largest evacuations in U.S. history:

Independent Journal Review will keep you updated as the storm continues to develop.

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