‘The View’ Goes After a Crowd Favorite — Tears Into Hillary Clinton’s Latest Defense of Husband’s Allegations

Hillary Clinton
The View/YouTube

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton defended her husband on CBS when asked if former President Bill Clinton should have resigned over sexual misconduct allegations — and “The View” hit back at Clinton’s comment.

During the interview, Clinton said her husband “absolutely” should not have resigned over his affair with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky because “she was an adult.”

Co-host Joy Behar first started by comparing Clinton’s remark to Republicans.

“What she just did is exactly what the Republicans do: They change the subject,” Behar said. “So that’s why we never get anywhere in the discourse.”

“You know you have a bad argument when your immediate response is, ‘Well, they were worse,'” co-host Abby Huntsman followed.

Behar called it “whataboutism.”

Watch “The View” take on Clinton’s comments below:

Huntsman added:

“This highlights to me, I think, why some people struggled to vote for her because you can’t have it both ways in her position.

You can’t put yourself on a pedestal and be a leader for the feminist movement and, at the same time, refuse to acknowledge the reality that you’ve lived with for all these years and to stand by your husband.”

“I just don’t think she can have it both ways, and she continues to try and do this,” Huntsman continued.

She then pointed out that Clinton tries to be empowering to women; however, she ignored the women coming out against her husband.

Fellow co-host Meghan McCain listed off harsh comments Clinton made about her husband’s accuser, including one in which Clinton supposedly called Lewinsky a “narcissistic looney tune.”

McCain also urged Democrats to “move on from the Clintons.”

Others also didn’t agree with Clinton:

Watch Clinton’s CBS interview below:

During the CBS interview, Clinton dodged the questions surrounding her husbands own sexual misconduct allegations during his presidency to ask about allegations made against President Donald Trump.

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There’s one more slight difference between the Monica and Bill adventure and Ford’s dream sequence with Kavanaugh: Bill and Monica were stone cold sober


It’s a 2 pronged test for deviancy: yes, Monica, princess of the oval blue dress, had reached the age of majority, so, Slick Willie and Shrillary, it’s all good in that direction. However, she, crouched under well-hung paintings of dead presidents and a desk, was unable to make an informed decision of consent what with her being under the powerfully seductive spell of her commander in chief and all. That’s the difference Ms. Clinton, my least favorite and most stupid of all the fallen angels.


Hillary couldn’t care less about Billy Boys escapades, as long as he kept them under the radar. The Lewinsky debacle must have infuriated her, only because it could derail HER political ambitions. Her hypocrisy is palpable. She is making a fool of every person who is a victim of a sexual crime and everyone who is still foolish enough to support her.

Dale Garland

She was ( or probably still is ) a friend of mega-donor to the Clintons, Harvey Weinstein. She was probably aware of his sexual misconduct just as MANY in Hollywood were. She also had to be aware of her own husband’s sexual misconduct even if some were mutual affairs. She is not only COMPLICIT in the sexual misconduct of these two men, but she’s also an APOLOGIST for them as well. Finally, The View got something right.


And this is what you wanted for president!!!


Nothing like defending rapists and then marrying one


One of the few times I have not wanted to throttle Joy-less.





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