‘The View’ Asks Scalise Why He Opposes Gun Control Even After He Was Shot — His Response Is on Point

“The View” hosts kept their cool as they interviewed House Majority Whip Steve Scalise about his firm stance against gun control, despite being shot during the Republican congressional baseball practice in 2017.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg claimed she’s “surprised” Scalise doesn’t want to crack down on gun control, even after being shot.

He described his views as “deep-rooted conservative beliefs, but they’re rooted in what the fundamental foundation of this country is based on.”

Scalise explained that the Founding Fathers didn’t initially write in the Constitution a protection for guns “because our founders thought it was an assumed right,” adding that it was then added in the Bill of Rights as the Second Amendment.

“Every American has the right to defend themselves.”

“Our founding fathers, what they really talked about, was that people had the right to defend themselves,” Scalise said, adding that the Supreme Court settled the debate if one can only own a gun in the “militia” with a 5-4 decision that people can individually own guns to protect themselves.

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Scalise shared heartwarming prayer and “miracles” on the field.

During the discussion, Scalise opened up about what ran through his mind when he was faced with the shooting incident in 2017:

“At that point, I just started to pray … I put it in God’s hands and I prayed. The first thing that came to mind, I’ve got a daughter, she was 10-years-old at the time. I said, ‘God, please don’t let Madison have to walk down the aisle alone.”

Scalise went on to say he felt an “incredible calm come over me” within that moment.

“There were so many miracles on that field.”

He shared that another one of the “miracles” on the field was when the gunman shot at U.S. Rep. Trent Kelly’s head, who was at third base, and the bullet hit a chain in the fence and veered just passed Kelly’s head.

Another miracle Scalise shared was how U.S. Rep. Brad Wenstrup (Ohio-02) had a canceled meeting, so he went to the batting cage and when the shooting started, he watched for a movement from Scalise. When he went to help, he saw the bullet wound — which Wenstrup had seen in combat when the soldier died — and did what was necessary to stop the bleeding.

“He put on a tourniquet,” Scalise explained. “My trauma surgeon told me if that tourniquet wasn’t applied just perfectly like Brad put it on, I would of never even made it to the hospital.”

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In recovery, Scalise shared that even with the news of nerve damage in his left leg, he was thankful for his life and his family. He added that there were many different people who surrounded him and gave him strength.

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Scalise has reiterated his point that being shot at the baseball practice has only “fortified” his views against gun control.

“In this tragic moment, I encourage people across America to stand together in solidarity,” Scalise said in a previous statement in the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting, The Hill reported. “… In the face of unspeakable evil, our whole nation must respond with countless acts of kindness, warmth and generosity.”


  1. I can so identify with Rep Scalise. I was critically wounded twice (chest and lower right leg) in the Jan 8, 2011 mass shooting in Tucson. I would have bled out if two individuals had not helped my wife to control the bleeding until I was transported to the hospital. A verse of scripture that came to mind as I lay on the concrete was “For if we live, we live to the Lord; and if we die, we die to the Lord. Therefore, whether we live or die, we are the Lord’s.” (Rom. 14:8 NKJV).

  2. Let’s see…The only one with a gun was the armed capital police officer assigned to protect Scalise. If he wasn’t there it would have been like shooting fish in a barrel and there would have been many more victims…just there are in a “gun free” zone.

    Why would he want stricter gun control when it was a gun that saved him? Perhaps Whoopi-Poodle would have preferred the officer throw his billy club at him!

  3. Gun Violence – There are a lot of emotional arguments on both sides, so let’s break down the official numbers from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention):
    • There are 32,000 deaths a year from Gun Violence in the USA – 40,100 in car accidents (2017)
    • 60% are suicides = 19,200
    • 3% are accidental = 960
    • 4% are justified = 1,280
    • 33% are homicides = 10,560
    • However 80% of them are gang related = 8,448.
    • That leaves 2,112 in society of 312 million – no gun problem

    1. In the 10 days so far in this month in a city with some of the strictest gun laws in the country, Baltimore, MD, there have been 10 homicides. Nine of those were shootings, one was a stabbing.

  4. Mr. Scalise is returning hate with love – exactly what believers are supposed to do. Hope some of those whose solution is to take guns away from EVERYBODY will realize that there is evil in this world, will always be so (until Jesus’s return) and the need to defend the innocent, including ourselves, against evil is NOT wrong. KUDOS! – to this gentleman. Wish he represented me…

  5. He’s talking to a bunch of women. It’s not in their basic nature to understand self defense. Maybe if he used their natural nurturing instinct they might get it in defense of a child. But with this group I doubt it.

    1. Join the discussion…Some of us women have the very same take on this issue-and wouldn’t hesitate to defend ourselves, family or even others in a situation like this-using their own gun…! Don’t sell us short!

  6. Hmm, his first thoughts were gratitude to his savior and worrying about his daughter. What a stark contrast to the ME FIRSTS who populate this country.

  7. Clearly Scalise’s common sense approach to gun control shows him to not be fit for office. *** MASSIVE EYE ROLL ***

    1. Morte I am not sure why you got a lot of negative votes for your comment. Apparently there are a lot of people on here who haven’t a clue about sarcasm. And you even stated it in your comment with “massive eye roll”

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