Parents Outraged After Virginia High School Shows ‘Sex Ed’ Video About Oral Sex, Sex Toys

Note: This article contains explicit material that may offend or disturb some readers.

One Virginia high school has faced a lot of backlash after a local sexual assault prevention group showed 28 freshman girls an explicit “sex education” video about male sexual pleasure. 

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The four-minute video was created by YouTube star Laci Green, who has partnered with Planned Parenthood on numerous occasions. In the video shown to students at Western Albemarle High School, Green discussed issues relating to oral sex, prostate stimulation, and sex toys.

The YouTube clip was shown by the Sexual Assault Resource Agency, The Daily Progress reported, a group the school has worked with for several years.

“Until now, our experiences with SARA at the school have been positive, and that contributed to not reviewing the video beforehand,” school spokesman Phil Giaramita explained. ”That was a mistake in judgment for which the administration takes full responsibility.”

After numerous complaints, the SARA representative who led the sessions in which two groups of teenage girls viewed Green’s video was asked the leave. The group’s future relationship with the school is pending until the situation has been fully evaluated, Giaramita said.

But Sheri Owen, director of community outreach for SARA, said a teacher did approve the video ahead of time. 

“In advance of the scheduled visit to the school, on April 2nd at 8:34 a.m., we emailed the curriculum to the head [physical education] teacher and requested that the content be reviewed and approved,” a statement from SARA read. “On April 2nd at 9:29 a.m., we received an email approving the curriculum.”

In the explicit video, the YouTube personality talks about “penis pleasure,” how to perform an “awesome blowjob,” and “the male G-spot.” SARA originally added the video to its curriculum in an effort to be more sex-positive.

The parents of every child exposed to the video have been contacted.

“It was highly offensive, entirely inappropriate for a student audience and school administrators called each family on April 13 to apologize for its use,” Kate Acuff, chair of the Albemarle County School Board, wrote in an email to a parent. “The video was not previously screened by the school, which was a violation of our standard practice.”

Frank Lawson, who helmed the school’s physical education department and OK’d the use of the YouTube video, has been placed on administrative leave. Lawson has worked at WAHS since 1987.

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