Most Voters Doubt Impeachment Will Happen, Want Dems to Spend Less Time Investigating Trump: Poll

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

According to a recent Fox News poll, the majority of American voters don’t believe that President Donald Trump should be impeached, despite calls from Democratic lawmakers to start the impeachment process.

Forty-eight percent of voters believe that Trump should not be impeached based on the evidence presented in the Mueller report. Although some Democrats are pushing to start an impeachment inquiry, 56% of voters polled said it is “not at all” likely the president will be impeached.

Another issue that voters have is the amount of time that Democrats have spent investigating the White House and Trump administration, with 48% saying that Congress should spend less time on trying to pin Trump with a crime.

As IJR Red reported, House Democrats struggled to accomplish anything in their first 100 days as the majority party and now they are focusing on investigating Trump for crimes related to the Mueller report.

Some Democrats have spoken out about their opinions on impeachment, with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) previously supporting starting an impeachment inquiry while speaking to reporters, as IJR News reported.

“I think it’s time for us to, at the very least, open an impeachment inquiry … we’ve been given no choice I think, in this scenario … It’s getting to the point where we can’t even do our own jobs. And I think it is entirely appropriate, given this overwhelming amount of evidence and the continued actions from the executive branch, that we exert our power as a co-equal branch of government.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has also allegedly said, “I don’t want to see him impeached, I want to see him in prison” while speaking to other lawmakers about investigating Trump. Although she had previously been hesitant to call for impeachment, she is now openly claiming the president is “crying out for impeachment.”

However, some Democrats share the same opinion as voters, requesting the push for impeachment to stop. It is uncertain whether Democratic leaders will listen to their peers or if they will continue to pursue investigations.

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“Crying out for impeachment” for crying out loud?
People should simmer down because this is a lost cause for the Dumbocrats.


You can’t obstruct an investigation that was based on a lie and no crime was found. Never should have happened.There will be no impeachment. This is all a circus to keep the liberal base believing Trump did something wrong before the election.

jen best
jen best

the democrats must be taken down ths is treason , curroptiin, obstruction of justice and abuse of power committed by the democrats. there resistence is a written documentation laid out on just how the resistence will play out in washington by setting up candidate trump now presedent trump to be prosecuted for all her aand obomas crimes committed against all americans and instead they will set up then candidate Donald Trump now presedent trump to be prosecuted for all her and obomas crimes committed. presedent trump is being forced to talking the fall to pay for Hillary’s crimes, go to… Read more »

Sue Rich
Sue Rich

The Dems are scared. They have been since the beginning of Trump’s Presidency. They’ve let that warp their focus instead of working with the President to make America better. That leaves ‘The People’ thinking they care more about their party than their country. The BS at the border is just one example.

Wes Kruse
Wes Kruse

If Congress worked their jobs as hard as they do hating Trump, this country would be in GREAT shape!


Look at the poll: 50% support impeachment (with 43% wanting removal and 7% not wanting removal from office) and 48% do not support impeachment. So the poll says that the majority of Americans want impeachment of POTUS. In addition, half if those polled now believe that the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia (up from 44%). 47% think Dems are spending the right amount of or not enough time investigating vs 48% too much time. 54% think the White House should be more cooperative with investigations. Any way you look at it, the numbers don’t look good for Trump and the… Read more »


People saying that an impeachment is unlikely is different than people saying it shouldn’t. Its pretty obvious it is unlikely because it would never pass the senate.

I would have answered that I’m not in favor of impeachment, but not because I think the president is innocent of all wrong doing.


What have the Republicans been saying since this hatefilled investigation began? It’s the liberal politicians that keep the fire burning. A colossal waste of millions for what? A few of Trump’s friends paid the price for things that Democrats do but don’t get caught….yet!

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