Vox Co-Founder ‘Cannot Empathize with Tucker Carlson’s Wife’ After Antifa Mob Tries to Break Down Door

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Vox co-founder and senior political correspondent Matthew Yglesias “cannot empathize” with Tucker Carlson’s wife after an Antifa mob gathered in front of their home and tried to break down the door.

The mob gathered in front of Carlson’s home and chanted, “Tucker Carlson, we will fight! We know where you sleep at night!”

At one point, one of the women in the mob said they should “bring a pipe bomb.”

The Fox News host told the Washington Post that his wife was home alone at the time of the attempted break-in.

“She had been in the kitchen alone getting ready to go to dinner and she heard pounding on the front door and screaming. … Someone started throwing himself against the front door and actually cracked the front door.”

During the commotion, Carlson’s wife locked herself inside the pantry and called the police.

After the situation ended, Carlson said he feared for his family, adding, “How can you go out for dinner and leave the kids at home at this point? If they’re talking about pipe bombs … how do you live like that?”

While many expressed their horror with the situation and condemned the mob, Yglesias said he believes terrorizing the family wasn’t a good strategy but that people should empathize with Carlson’s “victims.”

Yglesias further broke down his feelings, specifically pointing to Carlson’s support for tough immigration policy and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, claiming that families face ICE investigations are terrorized in the same way.

When one Twitter user pointed out that it is possible to empathize with both Carlson’s family and the families of undocumented immigrants, Yglesias disagreed.

Many were outraged by Yglesias’s brash response, taking to Twitter to condemn his comments.

Although Yglesias hasn’t issued any more direct comments on his feelings about the situation, he did add this post shortly after his statements about Carlson’s wife.

Suzanne Scott, CEO of FOX News & Jay Wallace, President of FOX News, responded to the incident in a statement to IJR:

The incident that took place at Tucker’s home last night was reprehensible. The violent threats and intimidation tactics toward him and his family are completely unacceptable. We as a nation have become far too intolerant of different points of view.  Recent events across our country clearly highlight the need for a more civil, respectful, and inclusive national conversation. Those of us in the media and in politics bear a special obligation to all Americans, to find common ground.

As for Carlson’s family, the Washinton Post has reported that there will be additional police presence near the home to prevent the mob from returning.

Editor’s Note: This article was updated after publication.

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Jessi Britton

This is a crime.!!!! Stop using the phrase “reprehensible”,”tactically unwise”,” unhealthy and dangerous,”intimidating” this is crimial behavior thzt deserves jail time.


Yglesias is basically saying it’s okay to terrorize innocent victims. His cognitive dissonance (and stupidity) is in saying that criminals should not fear law enforcement.

Law enforcement is NOT terrorism. Law enforcement does NOT countenance the use of pipe bombs on law-abiding citizens. When the civil war you encourage by your lawlessness finally comes, will you mourn your family being targeted by protesters and violence?

How hard are these concepts for you to grasp you moron?


As if anyone needed another example as to why Vox is garbage. If you claim to empathize with one scenario then you can – and should – with the other.

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