Vulnerable Dems Float Notion of Censuring Instead of Impeaching Trump

Reports emerged Tuesday that a small group of Democrats in vulnerable voting districts may urge their colleagues in the U.S. House to censure President Donald Trump for his antics in Ukraine instead of impeaching him.

Politico reports that nearly a dozen moderate Democrats from districts won by Trump in 2016 gathered Monday afternoon to plot the strategy. Among them were Reps. Josh Gottheimer (D-N.J.), Kurt Schrader (D-Ore.), Anthony Brindisi (D-N.Y.), and Ben McAdams (D-Utah.).

The lawmakers are said to understand that their cause is a long shot, but said they are willing to try in order to make the ongoing process seem more bipartisan and avoid a lengthy trial in the Senate that would turn off undecided and independent voters ahead of the 2020 election.

“Right now, there’s no other options. This is another option,” one unnamed lawmaker who attended the meeting told Politico.

The Democrats are said to have quietly reached out to their Republican counterparts in the House to gauge interest for such a move, but acknowledge that they would have to overcome a fairly united front in favor of impeachment from within their own caucus before making much headway.

Recent polls have suggested that public support for the Democratic impeachment effort is dwindling across the country, especially in such crucial swing states as Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan.


  1. Censure for what? Doing his job? NO!! Any vote for impeaching or censure means I work against that candidate. There better be no GOP defectors!

  2. Anyone that votes for impeaching the President need to be taken to the nearest tall tree and a very short rope used,Thats my thoughts on this Sham impeachment crap.And they can start with Pelosi,Schiff,Schummer and no Nads Nadler

  3. This is so phony. This is merely a cover to tell their constituents they tried to talk fellow Democrats off the ledge, but in the end they had to vote for the sham impeachment that the extremist rabid Democrat base has demanded since November 2016, and explain it away as, “although I lobbied for censure I had to vote for impeachment since it was the only way to hold the president accountable” for the unproven and nonexistent infractions he was accused of by Democrat and their media extremists and partisans. Watch to see how these so-called “moderates” vote in the end to demonstrate how sincere they truly are about censure. There is NO SUCH THING AS A MODERATE DEMOCRAT except for Sen Joe Manchin (D), WV.

  4. Too bad the dirty do-nothing D-RATs can’t pour this wasted energy into something positive for America—–the D-RATs are derelict of duty—-they have abandoned their responsibilities—-they no longer represent the will of the people—-they only tow the disgusting party line. If anybody s/b impeached—-it’s the entire derelict D-RAT party—-the party of jackass!

    1. I am confused.

      Do you mean do something positive like the revised YMCA trade bill that isn’t all that different from NAFTA?

      Or Nancy Pelosi’s new drug bill that regulates the prices of only 25 five drugs, then in TEN YEARS from now allows 10 more. The drug companies must be laughing their asses off over THAT one. It won’t mater anyway. Moscow Mitch won’t ever let it onto the floor for a vote.

  5. What goes around comes around, sometimes very quickly. And no one will forget this traitorous coup attempt.

  6. If these people believe in what their party was doing than go all in and do it none of this half ads cya.I watched a good part of this impeachment nonsense and I saw a clueless idiot and pathological liar named Adam Schiff and a creepy looking guy named Nadler who fell asleep because of all of the excitement I here some these idiots on the MSM talking the impeachment hearing and I do not recognize what they are saying it is like they are seeing what they want to see and not what is happening

  7. This is all the Democrats want is to destroy our way of voting and having a say they want all the power to dictate over people how about the democrats pay back the tax payers for wasting money on a false investigation and impeachment the one they should impeach is Biden Shift Nader and the rest should be removed from office

  8. I don’t remember reading in the Constitution that the House has the right to censure the President. Ben McAdams promised to be a different Democrat but he went along with the inquiry circus instead of calling it out for what it is. Just proves – NEVER trust a Democrat.

  9. “his antics in the Ukraine “? Really IJR/ Scott Norvell?
    But more to the supposed point of this story these sorry excuses should have gone to Herr Schiff, Nadler or Frau Pelosi with their second thoughts and fear of being dislodged from their cushy government jobs long before now. Slotkin is waiting for all of the facts to come out. She’ll have a long wait. Here’s a “strategy”. Apologize to the American people for this clown show.

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