Republican Rep Slams Sanders Ahead of Address on Socialism: He’ll Make US Health Care ‘Run Like the DMV’

Congressman Greg Walden (R-Ore.) called out Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) ahead of his campaign speech on democratic socialism.

Sanders is slated to give a speech on democratic socialism later in the day on Wednesday to explain why he believes now is the time for the implementation of several socialist, big government policies, including “Medicare for All,” debt-free college, and an increase in the federal minimum wage.

During an interview on Fox News, Walden condemned Sanders for promoting socialism in the United States. He explained how socialist policies could be disastrous for Americans, especially when it comes to health care.

“When government takes things over, it seldom gets less expensive or more efficient. And there’s going to be an enormous bill for taxpayers. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, as we know. What concerns me most is about people’s access to health care because we know in countries where there’s a complete government takeover, they end up in a budget crunch and you wait in a hospital line, you wait to get diagnosed with cancer, you wait to get treatment. […] Why would we want to go down that system?”

Walden explained that Sanders’ plan for Medicare for All would eliminate private health insurance, preventing Americans from being able to choose their coverage and taking away care that union workers negotiated to obtain.

“Why would we abolish all of that and then have the government run it like the DMV?” Walden asked, referencing the well-known dysfunction within the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Fox host Bill Hemmer reminded Walden that Sanders is not alone in promoting socialist policies. As IJR reported earlier, former Vice President Joe Biden admitted that most of the 23 Democrats running for president are “on the same page” when it comes to these ideas.

Walden explained that he has been asking for a hearing on Medicare for All, but Democrats have refused to allow it. He claimed that Democrats don’t actually want to see the policy enacted, but believe it could earn them votes.

“I don’t think they are as serious about this from a policy standpoint as they are from a political standpoint,” Walden said.

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Many people deny the aggressive socialist agenda exists. That is fascinating and disturbing.

Ruby Tate
Ruby Tate


Jane Martin

Nothing the government runs is either efficient or of high-quality. Examples: the VA hospital system, HUD, The post office, the DMV, etc. etc.

Gavin Putland

What’s better than raising the minimum wage? Reducing rents! Why? Because: (1) Nobody says lower rents would force employers to cut staff! (2) Nobody says lower rents would feed into higher prices for the poor! (3) When you allow for income tax and withdrawal of welfare, a dollar *saved* is worth much more than a dollar *earned* (google “EMTR” and “cliff effect”). (4) By definition, the benefit of lower rents isn’t competed away in higher rents — as a rise in wages would be. Landlords might even try claw back the *gross* increase in wages, not allowing for the EMTR.… Read more »

General Confusion

“Democrats have refused to allow it. He claimed that Democrats don’t actually want to see the policy enacted” article

No kidding! The corrupt DNC has no interest in upsetting the health care applecart, so why would they allow a debate about it? They have also said that if any candidate goes to an independent debate about, say, climate, they would be ostracized by the DNC.

And the corrupt DNC expects to win this way? So confusing.


Two critical questions to all the wannabe Commies, err, Socialists:
1. Will they live by the same policies?, i.e. surrender their Cadillac benefits.
2. How will they pay for it? I will staunchly oppose anything that makes me less free and leaves me poorer, but that’s true of any socialist gimmes they promise.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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Justin Amash

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