2020 Trump Challenger Claims the Republican Party Has ‘Become a Cult’ Because of Trump

2020 Republican primary contender Joe Walsh is claiming that the Republican Party has become a “cult” because of President Donald Trump.

Walsh is challenging Trump in the 2020 presidential election for the Republican spot. In doing so, he is making his distaste for the president well known.

The former representative is among two others who are Republican primary opponents — former Gov. Bill Weld (R-Mass.) and former Rep. Mark Sanford (R-S.C.).

While Sandford is making his presidential bid focused on the national debt and wants his bid to be “about improving the ideas that the Republican Party stands for,” Walsh has made it clear that the main focus is defeating Trump in 2020.

“This isn’t about the debt,” Walsh told IJR. “This is about Trump. Period.”

Walsh is continuing to criticize Trump.

During Sunday’s interview with MSNBC, Walsh took his dislike for the president further while claiming that the Republican Party has “become a cult.”

He went on to blast the several states who’ve canceled their primaries, showing support for Trump — disapproval for the move has been also reflected by other Republican challengers.

Walsh added that the Republican Party leaders seem to be “scared to death of this president,” calling it an “absolute shame.”

“Look, I believe Trump is unfit. I believe he lies virtually every time he opens his mouth. I believe he’s a danger to this country. I guarantee you most of my former colleagues privately, they feel the same way about Trump. And what they are hoping for, David, is that he loses in 2010. They know, Kevin McCarthy knows, that because of Donald Trump, the Republican Party is losing young people, they’re losing people of color, they’re losing women, and they’re losing people in the suburbs. Donald Trump is destroying the party but yet they want him to leave in two years in 2020, and then they think they can pick the pieces up again. That’s cowardly and that’s wrong.”

Watch Walsh’s interview below:

While having his own controversial past comments, Walsh has attempted to distance himself from being compared to Trump. He told IJR that there is a “big difference” between him and Trump.

“All Trump cares about is Trump,” he said, adding, “So Trump will use racism and bigotry and xenophobia and anything — he’ll use anything if it helps Trump.”

During Sunday’s interview, Walsh also suggested that George Conway — husband to White House counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway and critic of Trump — is someone who will one day be seen “as one of our greatest patriots.”

“Look, this election is not about Trump’s tariffs or Trump’s debt increases. This is about Trump,” Walsh said. “It’s a referendum on Trump. The man is unfit. Conway knows that and I know that.”

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Tom Bodine

Dense describes this idiot.

Phyllis Softa

16 responses and ZERO attempted to present even the semblance of a refute to the claim that Trumpism is a CULT. I hope you understand that deprogramming will be necessary to restore your cognitive process. Watch out for the Flavor Aid.
The conventional definition: “cult: a noun
a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing.
“a cult of personality surrounding the leaders”
synonyms: obsession with, fixation on, mania for, passion for; idolization of, admiration for, devotion to, worship of, veneration of, reverence for”


Walsh is just a sour grape. He is not worth wasting a minute to think of him.


>Always Generally Confused<

YOU care nothing about what IS happening in the United States because the Socialist Party (aka Nazi wannabes) does not have the POWER or CONTROL to follow through on the anti-American Kenyan Marxist's agenda to turn the USA into a Third World Sh**hole. YOUR hatred of the best POTUS since Ronald Reagan is obvious as you continue to slander him and the GOP showing you deliberately ignore the many achievements he has made for ALL AMERICANS in less than 3 years. Well past time to wake up and smell the coffee.


can’t even begin to read the bs. especially when it comes from epstein lookalike


So this Epstein look a like knows what a great patriot is? Liberals throw the words bigotry, racism and xenophobia around but give no examples. It’s not working.
As for Conway taking a shot at the man his wife is employed by and helps to pay his bills doesn’t sound patriotic. Sounds more like someone wanting some of the spotlight that his wife is getting.

Betsy Lawson

Just keep insulting all Trump supporters. Good thinking Walsh. We are deplorables, then we are racists, now we are in a cult. Next we will be a band of runaway Gypsys, the reincarnation of the Genghis Khan hordes, extraterrestrials, holograms…go ahead, keep on labeling. The day after the election I’m gonna be labeling you…stupid and probably giving you some tissues so you can cry harder…LOL. Can’t wait to see the breakdowns…will be funnier than hell.


Joe. Please go back to touring with the (surviving) Eagles. You found your area of competence in music.

Oh wait…there’s a wannabe politician with that name? Who cares.





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