Walsh Pens Letter Asking GOP Reps to Back Trump’s Impeachment: ‘Be an American First, a Republican Second’

Mark Kauzlarich/Reuters

Former Congressman Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) wrote a letter to his former colleagues asking them to support the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

Trump — who is facing Walsh and two other Republicans in his primary for reelection — was hit with an impeachment inquiry after House Democrats, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), found a phone call with Ukrainian leadership to be problematic.

The president spoke with Ukrainian leaders about a scandal surrounding his 2020 competitor Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden. Democrats claimed Trump withheld military aid from Ukraine in return for dirt on his political opponents — a quid pro quo the administration denies.

While most Republicans seem ready to defend Trump throughout the inquiry, Walsh wants to see Trump removed from office.

In his letter to Republicans, Walsh wrote:

“I know this isn’t easy. And yes, by upholding your oath and speaking up for what you know is right, you may take a short term political hit. I can attest to that. It will still be right. The extreme abuse of office by this president is not hypothetical. The president himself has already admitted to asking the Ukrainian president to investigate the Bidens. And, literally since I began to draft this letter to you, our president called on China to begin investigating the Bidens, despite the news of impeachment inquiry. I don’t think we need any more evidence than this. Do you?”

Walsh told his former colleagues that they must choose between defending President Trump and defending the Constitution.

“It’s time to put country over party. So do what’s right: Support this impeachment inquiry, and join the Democrats in getting these answers for the American people. History will not look kindly upon those who stay silent now.”

He concluded his letter by borrowing the phrase “America First,” which is often touted by President Trump.

“Be an American first, a Republican second,” wrote Walsh.

Former Senator Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) is another retired Republican who called on his party to strongly consider impeachment. As IJR previously reported, he called for them not to support Trump’s reelection — a call Walsh would surely endorse.

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General Confusion

“i don’t know why they keep saying how the people are against him.” ron

You don’t have to remain confused, Ron. Try to get out of your information bubble. It is stunting your evolvement.

General Confusion

What? I am confused, Bonnie Keever.

. , ” ; ! ? are all useful literary tools called punctuation. Please use them.

General Confusion

You are confused, Confused James.

You are being played by FOX, right? The punks at FOX are the ones who started this coup d’état nonsense. It is not a coup d’état and I am pretty sure you know that, too, but they have you figured out and you have to keep their false narrative going. That’s the game, right?


The Jackass Party is losing its’ grip on the so-called “impeachment” (coup d’etat) attempt. They’ve now removed a lot of their words of HATE for Trump and narrowed their count down to only six: “Betrayal”, Abuse of Power” and “National Security”. However, they don’t want to hear about VP Biden’s “Abuse of Power” as he blackmailed the Ukrainian President with over $1 Billion so his corrupt, drug-loving son could keep sucking up money using political influence from daddy; NOR do they remember Alinsky radicalized Hillary or her not-yet-forgotten illegal email server which endangered “National Security”. Different strokes for different folks;… Read more »

Bonnie Keever

First Biden and his son are corrupt Trump never said he was withholding funs Biden did that to fire the prosecutor and admitted it this has nothing to do with the election


isn’t funny how everyone is afraid to go head to head with our President in a fair election. i don’t know why they keep saying how the people are against him.


Trump 2020. The more those traitors do in their attempts to unseat Trump, the more support he gains from the Silent Majority.


He’s as much a Republican as Joe Scarborough is





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