Former GOP Rep Thinks Trump Needs a 2020 Republican Primary Challenger: ‘Enough, Sir’

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) would like to see President Donald Trump ousted by another Republican in the upcoming 2020 presidential election.

Walsh penned a scathing op-ed in The New York Times published on Wednesday where he laid out what he believes to be a “strong case” in why the president needs to be faced with a Republican challenger in 2020.

“Enough, sir,” Walsh wrote as a message to Trump.

The former representative — a Tea Party Republican and critic of Trump — noted some of his reasons why he thinks Trump shouldn’t be the Republican candidate in 2020, saying Trump increased the deficit “more than $100 billion year over year” and “abuses the Constitution” with “trade war.”

“At the most basic level, Mr. Trump is unfit for office,” Walsh wrote, adding that Trump’s “lies are so numerous ” and he “can’t be trusted.” He continued with his criticism of the president:

“I didn’t vote for Mr. Trump in 2016 because I liked him. I voted for him because he wasn’t Hillary Clinton. Once he was elected, I gave him a fair hearing, and tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. But I soon realized that I couldn’t support him because of the danger he poses to the country, especially the division he sows at every chance, […] Republicans should view Mr. Trump as the liability that he is: No matter his flag-hugging, or his military parades, he’s no patriot.”

Walsh said, “He’s reckless on fiscal issues; he’s incompetent on the border; he’s clueless on trade; he misunderstands executive power; and he subverts the rule of law.”

Noting former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld is the only Republican trying to challenge Trump thus far, but from the center, Walsh says he’s “hugely disappointed” not to see a “challenge from the right.”

Weld — who has also criticized Trump — previously told IJR that he doesn’t “expect to be welcomed by the Trump organization” and he’s “really not going to try to charm them because that’s not going to happen.”

“I’m going to try to persuade more people to vote in the Republican primaries and to enlarge the electorate so that more young voters vote, so that more suburban women vote, and that would be my path to victory,” he said. “Not suddenly persuading the Republican state committees to change their mind.”

Aside from Weld, the only other Republican so far mulling a presidential bid is former Governor Mark Sanford (R-S.C.), who would focus on spending, as IJR Red reported.

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Kenneth Hageman

have listen to mr walsh before a glenn beck wanabee


Never Trumper whines again.


*Generally Confused*Good grief don’t you have a hobby? Hate is often seen as a purely destructive emotion that we would be better off without. You must live a miserable life day after day wondering what President Trump will do to incite a rant. How many minds do you think you have changed? O is just a guess.

General Confusion

“No president has done as much FOR Americans as Mr. Trump has!!!” Trish

You are confused by your fantasy world.

Trisha Barton

Not interested in anything Mr. Walsh has to say. No president has done as much FOR Americans as Mr. Trump has!!!

General Confusion

Phyllis, again, you are confusing people like Bonnie with someone who cares about truth or facts.

Betsy Lawson

Bye bye Mr Walsh. Who even knows or cares who you are or were. Just jealous because you r totally irrelevant. Honestly I have never even heard of you. Must have been a rock star in Congress…lol

Bonnie Keever

So we should let China continue to steal from us and break their promises have unequal trade and the deficits was a inherent from Obama so that was up from Obama ohh yeah giving Iran 1.7 billion dollars to not make weapons ha ha they did and took the money





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