Warren Claims Fox News Is ‘Hate-For-Profit Racket’ That Creates ‘Life and Death Consequences’

Elizabeth Warren
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Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) smeared Fox News as “hate-for-profit racket” in an announcement about her refusal to be interviewed on the network.

Several 2020 Democratic presidential primary candidates have opted to do their own town hall on Fox News since the Democratic National Committee (DNC) announced that they would not allow the network to host a debate.

Senators Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) have both participated in a Fox News town hall interview in an attempt to capture the eye of independent voters who are also consistent viewers of the network.

The candidates also have the opportunity to speak before a much larger audience. During Klobuchar’s town hall last week, more than 1.6 million viewers heard the candidate’s vision for the future. Sanders captured more than 2.5 million viewers during his townhall with Fox.

While other candidates have opted to turn strictly to CNN for their town halls, they’re not capturing nearly as many viewers. As the Washington Post reported, candidates were lucky to pull more than 1 million viewers on CNN, with some seeing as little as 300,000 viewers.

The draw to speak to voters is clearly a benefit of speaking on Fox News, but Warren claimed it’s not worth it to do an event on the network. In a thread on Twitter, Warren jabbed her Democratic opponents for going on the network and claimed they are allowing the company to make a profit.

Warren claimed Fox News runs a “hate-for-profit” operation, cashing in on “bigotry, racism, and outright lies.” She even went as far as claiming that the network has “life and death consequences, to provide cover for the corruption that’s rotting our government and hollowing out our middle class.”

The senator claimed that Fox News only wants to host Democratic candidates to add legitimacy to their network, not because they want the American people to hear the insights of someone who may one day be commander-in-chief.

Warren claimed doing a town hall with Fox News would be asking “millions of Democratic primary voters to tune into an outlet that profits from racism and hate.”

Warren concluded by saying she wouldn’t ban Fox News from attending her open events, but she wouldn’t make an effort to go on the network.

Warren faced backlash for her attacks on the network, with many claiming she is adding to the division by refusing to talk to the network’s right-leaning audience. Even her fellow Democrats claimed it was a mistake to ignore voters that watch Fox News.

Warren has been consistently polling in the top five for the crowded Democratic primary. She is one of 22 Democrats in the race.

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Trisha Barton

Just shut up #Elizabeth Warren. Venom spews from you every time you speak. That is the definition of hate speech!!! You and your kind are who are causing this great divide right now. Sit down, shut up, support our president and watch all the good that will come from it!!!!


Interesting that FOX talk show host -Sean Hannity (at #1) – has a M-F audience of 3.086 million; Tucker Carlson has 2.834 million and fake news CNN’s Primetime show with somebody named Cuomo comes in at #26 with 767,000 viewers. Overall FOX comes in with 2.395 million viewers daily according to Nielson TV Audience Data. Maybe Chief Spreading Bull should rethink her appearance on FOX to get her polling up to around 6 percent tops.

General Confusion

I am confused enough, but I am really confused by why anyone would listen to the original Fake News network.



It is interesting to see how Warren is attributing human emotions to an inanimate business concern. Does she really understand the distinction?





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