‘The Warning Lights Are Flashing’: Warren Claims Trump Is Going to Cause an Economic Recession

Elizabeth Warren
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Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) predicted that President Donald Trump would cause an economic recession before the end of his first term in office.

Warren — who is one of 24 Democrats running in the presidential primary — took to Twitter to claim that the president could drive the United States into an economic recession. She pointed to his trade negotiations with China and his “reckless behavior” as two of the greatest risks facing the United States.

The senator admitted that her economic predictions sounded “stark,” but claimed that the mounting nationwide student loan debt was one sign that the U.S. could be approaching a 2008-level recession.

Although President Trump has overseen record low unemployment, rising wages, and an increase in manufacturing, Warren claimed the U.S. is actually in a “manufacturing recession.” She claimed the next full-scale recession could be a year away.

Although Warren is predicting an economic disaster, she claims Americans can stop it by canceling student debt and raising the minimum wage.

As IJR recently reported, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office predicted an increase in the minimum wage could kill as many as three million jobs. Still, Warren thinks it could be the solution.

She called on Congress, and financial regulators to “act immediately.”

While Warren thinks the U.S. economy is headed toward a cliff, the Trump administration couldn’t paint a more different picture if they tried.

White House Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow told Fox News that the economy is booming, not receding. After the first round of Democratic primary debates, Kudlow said:

“I hear some of their narratives. I don’t understand what planet they’re describing. The United States economy is booming. It’s running at roughly 3% average since President Trump took office two and a half years ago. On this business about bad distribution, the blue-collar workers, the nonsupervisory workers have done the best. They’re one running wages at 3.5% — their growth and income and wages is exceeding the growth of their supervisors.”

It remains to be seen whether Warren’s economic doomsday predictions will play out.

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Robert Wayne

She wouldn’t know a recession from a reservation.

General Confusion

Sen. E. Warren warned about a recession based on bad debt in the housing market 5 YEARS ahead of the 2008 crash. She is warning about another impending crash based on the auto loan market and the business debt market. The American workers are so poorly paid that they are loading up on credit card debt and a huge number are late on the car payments. More than half of us can’t afford to cover an emergency of only $400. This isn’t going to end well. As the economy continues to rise further without any real correction, it is very… Read more »

Jay Lewis
Jay Lewis

Warren and her liberal pals couldn’t operate a lemonade stand!!!!!! Didn’t Obammy prove that!!!!!







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