Warren Feels ‘Zero’ Sympathy for College Admissions Scammers ― Some Think She Should Sit This One Out

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Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) came down hard on the millionaire celebrities who are tangled up in a college admissions scam, but some think Warren would have been better off watching this debate from the sidelines.

Reports broke yesterday that the FBI had caught around 50 millionaire parents in a college admissions sting, including actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin. The FBI alleges that the parents had provided fraudulent test scores and bribed university officials to get their children into top-ranked schools.

This story blew up with people from all backgrounds chiming in to call out the parents for buying their children’s achievements. While it seemed to be a unifying moment for America as everyone took their turn dunking on these celebrity parents, the tone changed when Warren took her swing.

As IJR Blue reported, Warren called the scandal “stunning.”


“This is just stunning. I mean, the notion that people thought they could keep cheating like this and build this, evidently build this huge cheating network in order for the children of the rich and the powerful to make it into fancy schools. To me, it’s just one more example of how the rich and powerful know how to take care of their own, and everybody else just gets left behind. I think that’s wrong.”

She also expanded on her statement in an interview with MSNBC where she explained that she had “zero” sympathy for the parents that were caught up in the FBI raid.

This caused a double-take from many who believe that Warren used her scant Native American ancestry to get ahead professionally.

Several took to Twitter to say that Warren should have sat this debate out, given her personal history.

She got flattened for her claim that she believed she had native ancestry because of her grandfather’s “high cheekbones.

Some even poked fun at her botched DNA test that showed she may be as little as 1/1024 Native American. 

Others claimed she scammed students, as well, for describing herself as Native American when she was teaching at several universities, despite never having tribal citizenship. 

Warren officially announced her 2020 presidential bid in February. From the looks of things, her claims to Native American ancestry will continue to follow her throughout her run.

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Will this scandal and exposure of the clubbish corruption make a difference? Unlikely.

We can BEST make our outrage at this wrongness by denying federal funding to ALL colleges. Let them compete fairly AND on the merits of the education they offer. Write your Congress critters (it might, small might, make a difference.)

Here’s something neither Bernie nor AOC and their wannabe-Commies address: the trusts for these universities is in the hundreds of billions. Start hitting that.


Liz is less than 1/1000th right. Too bad she didn’t leverage that for admission.

The ELITE have always been about the elite. Colleges, since WWII are entirely about the Benjamins (thanks rappers and trash anti-Semite Omar). They are literal country clubs not only in “branding”, but in who they admit. q.v. the current lawsuits for discrimination against -qualified Asians (vs. less-qualified Hispanics and Blacks) before the Supreme Court.


C’mon Lizard, you should be feeling at least 1/1024 sympathetic!


When I first heard this, the first person I thought of was Fauxcahontas. If what these parents did is wrong, so is she. But as I’ve found, the common trait among leftists is that they have no self awareness of their hypocrisy….as obvious as it is to the rest of us “normal folk”.





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