Elizabeth Warren Says Massive Job Loss Is Part of the Cost of Medicare-For-All

Democratic presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren speaks during the fourth U.S. Democratic presidential candidates 2020 election debate at Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio U.S., October 15, 2019. Shannon Stapleton/Reuters

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) admitted on Wednesday that her Medicare-for-All proposal would lead to massive job losses.

Warren attended a forum hosted by New Hampshire Public Radio where she was pressed by NHPR reporter Casey McDermott on how she would pay for her healthcare plan:

“So I’m working on a plan for that, and it will be out soon. And it will talk about two things: both how much Medicare-for-All will cost and how we can pay for it. It’s hard, it’s something I’ve been working on for a long time, but I’ll have a plan on it soon.”

Watch her comments below:

Warren has come under heavy scrutiny in recent days for failing to explain how she plans to pay for her healthcare plan. Conservatives have accused her of dodging the question. And some Democrats have criticized Warren, whose campaign has released t-shirts that say, “Warren has a plan for that,” for not explaining how she plans to pay for it.

McDermott asked Warren whether or not taxes will increase, Warren responded by saying that, “You will see, most likely, rich people’s costs go up,” but she didn’t directly address tax rates.

“So here’s how I think of this: we know that Medicare for All is the cheapest way to provide health care coverage for everyone, so we can pay for this. You will see, most likely, rich people’s costs go up; corporations’ costs go up, but the costs to middle-class families will go down. I will not sign any legislation into law for which costs for middle-class families do not go down. “

When Warren was asked about an assessment of the cost of Medicare-for-All by a University of Massachusetts economist, which stated that the plan would lead to the loss of two million jobs and that politicians must seek a “just transition,” she said, “I agree.”

“So, I agree. I think this is part of the cost issue and should be part of a cost plan. Although do recognize on this what we’re talking about, and that is in effect how much of our health care dollars have not gone to health care.”

That assessment lines up with other health care experts who have estimated that Medicare-for-All would lead to the loss of three million jobs, as IJR has previously reported.

So far, the Massachusetts senator has not released her plan detailing how she would pay for Medicare-for-All, which reports estimate could cost upward of $30 trillion dollars over a decade.

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Hmm. One would think the first job lost would be that of the leader who made the mess.

Kris Miller

Call me selfish or even cold hearted but no American should lose their job to benefit another American with Health care.

General Confusion

Here is Warren’s M4A health care plan. Please educate yourself.


Phyllis Softa

The loss of jobs in the commercial insurance arenas was brought to the attention of Sanders’ supporters and did not penetrate fantasy world.


wishing and hoping is not a plan Liz! Someone please explain that to her and the other Medicare-for-all morons.





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