Elizabeth Warren Says People Losing Their Jobs Because of Her Healthcare Plan Can Just Work in ‘Car Insurance’

Brian Snyder/File Photo/Reuters

Presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said that people who lose their jobs in health insurance because of her Medicare-for-All plan can work in other insurance fields.

Warren was asked what would happen to people who lost their jobs in the health insurance industry as a result of the elimination of private insurance, she responded by saying that they could transition to another insurance field adding that her plan makes sure “no one gets left behind”:

“No one gets left behind. Some of the people currently working in health insurance will work in other parts of insurance. In life insurance, in auto insurance, in car insurance.”

Watch her answer below:

Warren said that her plan includes a five-year transition phase to help health insurance workers who lose their job, “Because what this is about is how we strengthen America’s middle class, and how we make sure that in transitions no one gets left behind. It’s right there in the plan, and it’s fully paid for.”

On Friday, Warren released her Medicare-for-All plan with details of how she would pay it. Warren said her plan would cost $20.5 trillion over a decade but added that taxes for middle-class Americans would not go up “one penny.”

Her comments come just days after she said she agreed with an assessment by a University of Massachusetts economist that said Medicare-for-All plans could lead to the loss of two million jobs, and that politicians who implement such a program must ensure displaced workers have a “just transition.”

One healthcare professional estimated that a Medicare-for-All plan could lead to the loss of three million jobs, as IJR has previously reported.

Warren’s long-awaited plan was quickly criticized by both Republicans and Democrats, who called it “bonkers” and said she was using “mathematical gymnastics” to pay for it without increasing taxes on middle-class Americans.

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An insane wooden indian.


And when she loses the presidency to Trump, she can always go back to Harvard as their Fake Indian Poster Child!!!


Why does anyone believe her? She is an older version of AOC – doesn’t know what she is talking about

Dave Hardesty

Who writes the titles of these articles? An English as a second 6 year-old makes more sense.
As to Lyin’ Lizzie’s comment, auto nsurance is not fixable. Even mandated it still doesn’t work very well.


Guess this dipstick doesn’t know there is a different license for auto insurance than for health, life or fire. Different licenses require a lot of study and m o n e y. Maybe this Socialist momma will add them to her list of freebies that cannot be afforded.



“I see here in your resume that you’ve worked in health insurance for 10 years. This is an auto insurance opening.”
“Yes, I know, Elizabeth Warren said there shouldn’t be any problem”
“Do you know anything about auto insurance?”
“No, but Elizabeth said there shouldn’t be a problem.”
“Thanks for coming in”

General Confusion

Re: bootstraps “There are not currently workers in those areas?” Phyllis

I have heard about them from those who used to be called Republicans, for decades, but I have never held one in my hands. They must have a hidden stash of them somewhere because they talk about them like they are a common item, so I am still confused.


When you think they cant get any more stupid guess what? they showed you





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