Democrat Warren Wants to Repeal 1994 Crime Bill, End Cash Bail

Elizabeth Frantz/Reuters

U.S. Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday proposed sweeping changes to federal and state criminal justice systems, including ending cash bail requirements and doing away with a crime bill that rival Joe Biden helped make law.

“It’s not equal justice when a kid with an ounce of pot can get thrown in jail, while a bank executive who launders money for a drug cartel can get a bonus. It’s long past time for us to reform our system,” Warren wrote in a post on announcing her proposals.

Warren’s popularity has risen in public opinion polls measuring the crowded Democratic field, but she has not gained much traction among black voters, a key voting demographic in the party’s nominating contests.

Criminal justice reform has been identified as a key issue among black voters because the current system has disproportionately incarcerated minorities.

In the Real Clear Politics average of polls, Biden leads Warren by 13 percentage points. Biden, the former vice president, has been criticized by Democratic rivals for his role in helping pass the 1994 crime bill when he was a U.S. Senator and for other past positions including opposition to federally mandated busing.

The sweeping overhaul outlined by Warren includes several policies that other Democrats have also advocated, including ending the death penalty, decriminalizing offenses related to addiction and homelessness and requiring the use of more body cameras by police.

Warren called for repealing the 1994 crime bill, a bipartisan piece of legislation that Biden pushed as a senator at the time. Since it passed, the bill has been criticized for resulting in mass incarceration because the minimum mandatory sentences it established led to more black men being locked up.

“The 1994 crime bill’s mandatory minimums and ‘truth-in-sentencing’ provisions that require offenders to serve the vast majority of their sentences have not proven effective,” Warren said.

Warren endorsed measures to “decriminalize poverty,” including ending the use of cash bail, which makes it hard for poor people to get out of jail when charged with minor or non-violent crimes.

“We should allow people to return to their jobs and families while they wait for trial, reserving preventive detention only for those cases that pose a true flight or safety risk,” Warren said.

(Reporting by Ginger Gibson; Editing by David Gregorio)

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Yeah, lets put all the criminals back on the street. That seems to be working so well for the Liberal cesspool cities in America. Chicago, NY, LA, DC, Detroit, etc. are shining examples. Revolving justice just doesn’t work. I’m not surprised Democrats love this. If these criminals don’t want to do the time, they shouldn’t do the crime. When a small percentage of the population commits a large portion of the crime, they’re going to show a large population of incarcerated people. Again, don’t do the crime.


Of course she wants more criminals out in the public. The demonrat/communist party CANNOT exist without their criminals. They are the enforcement wing (ie antifa, blm, etc) of their party and will do their dirty work and vote for them no matter what. They keep the nation in chaos and makes it easier to pass laws that take away your rights (kalifornia, etc). The demonrat/communist party does NOT have your interests in mind jut their own power and one party rule. I do not believe that all of the mass shootings happened because someone went nuts. I have read much… Read more »

Dave H

Most of these people DON”T have jobs. They go back and commit further offenses while on the loose. They may have families, but shoulda thought of that BEFORE they committed crimes. What idiotic proposals, but what can we expect from a phony Indian?

Thomas Cole

I agree with her on some of these things. It doesn’t mean I want a socialist government, it means I want less people in jail and more people working. Republicans should have been pushing to end the war on drugs decades ago, it has lead to run away spending, over crowded prisons and bloated government. Besides that, the drugs won years ago.


This is from a woman who lied about her ancestry so she could manipulate the system and get ahead in the world.

Mark Simmons

“decriminalizing offenses related to addiction and homelessness” The vast majority of the homeless living on the streets are addicted to drugs or alcohol, and/or have mental illnesses. They are on the streets primarily because they REFUSE to go into any of the shelters or programs available because they know they’ll treat their issues and they don’t want to. If you understand that, then you see how crazy is Warren’s proposal. These people NEED the motivation to face their illnesses/addictions.


Dave Hardesty,

Kamallama-ding-Willie Brown’s dong is polling at 5% along with the Butt. That’s down from a high of 17%. I’m thinking Tulsi Gabbard had a part in that.

I do not believe she represents a threat to Seated Bull.

Paul Delfornia

Man, she is offering anything/everything to gain votes,,,,, proving she’s a Lunatic !!





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