Warren Rises as Solid Democratic Option Behind Biden, Sanders: Reuters/Ipsos Poll

Support for U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren rose more than that of any other Democratic presidential hopeful over the past month, according to the Reuters/Ipsos poll, solidifying her status as a top contender behind Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

The Sept. 9-10 poll found that 11% of Democrats and independents said they would vote for Warren in their state’s nominating contests, up 3 percentage points from a similar poll that ran Aug. 1 to 5.

Twenty-two percent said they backed Biden, the former vice president who has been the Democratic front-runner since he entered the race this year, and 16% said they would vote for Sanders, a U.S. senator.

Biden’s support was unchanged from the previous Reuters/Ipsos poll, while Sanders dropped 2 percentage points.

Biden, Sanders and Harris will square off with seven other Democratic candidates on Thursday at a nationally televised debate in Houston. The Democratic contenders are vying for the right to take on Republican President Donald Trump in the November 2020 election.

Warren, a champion of consumer financial protections, has pushed for big, “structural” changes to an economy that “does great for those with money and isn’t doing great for everyone else.”

She wants to raise taxes on the wealthy and use the money to help pay for a number of progressive priorities including universal childcare, student debt relief and Medicare for All, which would provide federal health insurance coverage for all Americans based on the existing government-run Medicare program for Americans 65 and older.

Unlike most of the other candidates, Warren’s popularity among Democrats and independents has steadily increased this year. Others, like U.S. Senator Kamala Harris, have declined in popularity over the summer.

The September poll found that Harris and Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, were each supported by 4% of Democrats and independents. Buttigieg’s support was unchanged from the August poll, while Harris dipped 2 points.

New York entrepreneur Andrew Yang and U.S. Senator Cory Booker were each backed by 3%.

None of the other candidates received more than 2% in the poll.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll was conducted online, in English, across the United States. It gathered responses from 687 adults, including 511 Democrats and 104 independents. It had a credibility interval, a measure of the poll’s precision, of 4 percentage points.

(Reporting by Chris Kahn; Editing by Peter Cooney)


  1. David, 88% of the R party support a man they know is corrupt, a liar, and unfit for the office. 11% of D’s and I’s said they would vote for Warren 16% said they would vote for Sanders. Yang has 3% support 30% crazy I’s and D’s as opposed to 88% crazy Republicans. The search for a candidate with a plan to Make America SANE Again was for the crazies irregardless of party affiliation. Vote to restore SANITY in 2020.

  2. Coming to bookstores soon: “The Lying Law Professor Who Couldn’t”
    See Lizzie lie her way on to the Harvard faculty.
    See Lizzie found the unconstitutional, extra-governmental CFPB.
    Watch as Lizzie promises to ban fracking, guns, tax the wealthy, and promise all kinds of free things.

    Another “law professor” who also tried these extra-constitutional, non-statutory things makes a special cameo.

    1. I am not a fan of Sen Warren, BUT I am a big fan of truth and facts. If Warren’s Harvard recruiters claim that their recruitment and vote to add Warren to the professor staff report that ethnicity had nothing to do with their efforts or vote, WHO are YOU to call them liars? See Boston Globe investigation published results 9/1/2018. If you wish your credit card companies to cheat you & your wife, hats off to you. Not all Americans are so generous. Sen Warren is very fond of fantasy policies. I scratch my head every time a debate moderator or journalist asks how she plans to pay for the plan. The question is, WHERE are the congressional votes for passage of the plans? When Trump told you Mexico would pay for the wall or that his “middle class and corporate tax cuts” would PAY FOR THEMSELVES, you pretended to believe him. Free wall. Free tax cuts. Sounds like the “free stuff” you rail against today.

  3. Regarding David’s remarks.

    There was a time when imitation was considered flattery. Now it’s somehow “cultural appropriation” and an insult? I’d like someone to explain the harm or insult. I love it when people living in Western culture and using English make this complaint.

    Lizzie is a different case. She lied to gain advantages afforded certain people (in itself wrong). That’s exploitation, not cultural appropriation.

  4. My brother’s 3 year old decided to dress as her hero Moana for Halloween last year. No brown face, just the clothes. Still, in the college town they live several people chided them about how it was cultural appropriation for her to dress this way.

    Yet, Senator Warren LITERALLY culturally appropriated a fake Cherokee heritage which helped her get into law school, internships and jobs. And she is polling third in the democratic primaries.

    The left is just beyond comprehension to me.

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