Elizabeth Warren Tried to Slam Trump for Shutting Down the Government Before the Holidays — It Backfired

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) tried to slam President Donald Trump for the government shutdown and ended up getting called out for spreading “confusing” information.

On Friday evening, Minority Leaders Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) both agreed to send their members home before reaching an agreement with President Trump over the remaining appropriations bills, including funding for the southern border.

Because the remaining 25 percent of the government did not get a budget signed, the U.S. government slid into a partial shutdown that is expected to last beyond Christmas.

Warren was not happy that this happened. She took to Twitter, twice, to express her concern for the public employees.

“Mitch McConnell has put the Senate in recess which means that we can’t do anything until next Thursday. So Bruce [Mann, Warren’s husband] and I are at the airport. We’re going to head out to see family, but golly, I think of all the other families. The hundreds of thousands of families that will not be receiving their paychecks because Donald Trump is having a tantrum. What a bad way to spend Christmas.”

Although Warren’s concern for government employees may be valid, her claim that they won’t get paid before Christmas isn’t.

Russ Vought, Deputy Director for the Office of Management and Budget, called Warren out for spreading “confusion” in an attempt to smear President Trump.

As noted by the Federal News Network, December 22 is the last day of the biweekly pay period for government employees. Meaning, unless they worked on Saturday, they will receive their full paycheck as scheduled before the holiday.

The shutdown will only impact work that was done after December 22. Because December 24 and 25 are holidays, most federal employees will not be working, anyway. If the shutdown lasts beyond Christmas day, which is likely, the work during that pay period would be furloughed and paid after the shutdown ends.

In fact, eligible work done on a holiday is still qualifies for premium holiday pay that will be paid in full upon the government reopening.

Warren also omitted the fact that 75 percent of the government has been funded and all those employees will not be impacted in any way.

As noted by the Washington Post’s Dave Weigle, the employees will receive their normal paycheck on December 28. Democrats will have to either strike a deal with Trump or wait until January 3 when they gain control of the House, changing the power dynamics. If they wait, all work done by government employees won’t be paid until the shutdown ends.

Although Warren attempted to place the pressure to pay employees at the feet of Trump and the Republicans, the length of the shutdown relies heavily on Democrats’ decision to wait it out or negotiate.


  1. Has anybody seen what is trying to come across the border,this are not poor starving people this is a mob

    1. Her record of making an idiot out of herself is about on par with new comer Alexandria Obviously-Clueless.

      1. was thinking the same thing – It will be a battle now between the two – to see who can make the most ridiculous statement

  2. Will someone PLEASE tell me why the wall is a bad idea. Why is it wrong to tell these immigrate to come in LEGALLY. When did become a nation where we can obey only the laws we want.

    1. ron, no one can tell you that, they can’t come up with a logical answer.

  3. So Warren ,,, IF you are so concerned about the Federal workers not getting paid How About you LOSERS in Congress also NOT GET PAID !!!

  4. Since Elizabeth Warren only opens her mouth to change feet, it would be better if she said nothing!

  5. I think if Pelosi does take the wall out of the deal then the deal should definitely not be passed.

  6. Anyone who says that Congress and the government are NOT a special class unto themselves, consider this.

    They make the rules under which they themselves must work.

    No formula for elitism or corruption here. Move along. Pay the taxes they impose.

    1. And don’t forget, they also set their own salaries and vote for their own raises!!

      1. Yes they do. When was the last time that you got to set your salary and give yourself a raise.

  7. *shock* So Lizzie is lying?!? Imagine if she actually did something meaningful like foregoing her Congressional pay, perks, AND benefits (most especially health).

    She and ALL Congressional members. (no taxpayer-funded cafeteria, gym, postage, etc.) fucked up. They failed at their jobs. Unfortunately firing them or making them examples of “you first” isn’t an option.

    1. The sad part is, why do people continue to vote for them, when they haven’t done their jobs the last term? The people of this country just aren’t doing their own jobs, before voting.

      1. Lora, I have a longtime friend in CA who wants to move because of the draconian gun laws. I pointed out to him that HE voted for these people. (he’s in the Bay Area) and asked if he would continue to vote for people like them and their policies if he did move.

        Based on his answer I suggested he stay in CA (the shithole he and others like him have made) and NOT move. Elections and votes have consequences. Unfortunately he and voters like him have this logical disconnect.

        1. You are so right. That’s why we still have CA Senators like Feinstein and Harris. (we thought we’d never get rid of Boxer) And don’t forget the famous Rep. Maxine Waters!

        2. No we done want these people to move and spread this virus they have. Confine them in California. It’s going to fall into the ocean anyway.

      2. One possibility is that they are the lesser of two evils. This is frequently the case. Though there are a whole lot of people who are just party voters. It does not matter what a candidate’s platform is they are going to vote for the candidate based on party because they have always voted for that party. Usually the party is demoncrap.

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