Democrat Warren Outlines Three-Year Path to ‘Medicare for All’

Brian Snyder/Reuters

White House hopeful Elizabeth Warren on Friday outlined how she would implement “Medicare for All” during her first term in office, including by passing new legislation in her first 100 days that would give all Americans the option of choosing the government health insurance plan.

Warren’s timeline envisions a progression that would initially retain many aspects of the current system, including employer-based private insurance, while slowly transferring Americans to the government’s Medicare health insurance plan that covers individuals 65 and older.

The proposal could help blunt criticism, including from a number of the Massachusetts U.S. senator’s Democratic presidential rivals, that transitioning to Medicare for All is too disruptive.

“By the end of my first 100 days, we will have opened the door for tens of millions of Americans to get high-quality Medicare for All coverage at little or no cost. But I won’t stop there,” Warren wrote on the website Medium.

In the crowded field of Democrats vying for the party’s nomination to take on President Donald Trump in November 2020, Warren and progressive rival U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders argue the best route to cover millions of uninsured Americans and lower costs is to replace private insurance with Medicare for All.

Moderate candidates such as former Vice President Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, support expanding the Affordable Care Act, while retaining forms of private insurance.

In an acknowledgement of the steep road her proposal would face in Congress if she were elected, Warren said she would use a Senate procedural tactic to pass the first phase, requiring a simple 51-vote majority instead of the 60 votes typically required.

Such a move would likely hinge on Democrats regaining control of the Senate, where Republicans hold 53 seats in the 100-seat chamber. Democrats control the U.S. House of Representatives, though all 435 seats will also be on ballots in 2020.

Warren’s first phase would lower the Medicare eligibility age to 50, offer other Americans the choice to buy into the government program and provide coverage for children and low-income families.

By the third year, Warren said, she would pass Medicare for All legislation that would allow only “supplemental private insurance that doesn’t duplicate the benefits of Medicare for All.”

Warren’s transition plan comes two weeks after she released a detailed proposal to pay for a Medicare for All system her campaign estimates would cost $20.5 trillion in additional government spending over a decade.

(Reporting by Amanda Becker in Washington and Joseph Ax in New York; Editing by Tom Brown)

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General Confusion

Thanks go out to the idiot who replied and covered up the FIRST reply, below. Come on, guys, wisen up.


Go on Medicare right now Lizzie. It’s so wonderful and already paid for by tax dollars. Show us your commitment and integrity.

General Confusion

“If you can not get the majority of currently running D’s to support MFA—where are the 50 VOTES? How is Bernie’s plan going to find a path thru Congress EITHER?” Phyllis A journey of 1,000 miles begins with that first step. About 70% of voters want a drastically different medical / health system and what has proven to be best around the world is a single-payer system for everyone. Unless you know something these guys don’t, there is currently no better plan than Bernie’s. Not all of the current set of corrupt Democrats will win. They are being primaried, so… Read more »

General Confusion

I am confused.

So for two to three years she will pit two different systems against each other AND THEN, after wasting her political capital which got her elected, she starts the fight going for M4A when she will be in a typically weak 3rd-year position going into re-election?

This is a fantasy. Bernie for the win.

#outnow “”

Rey Cabrera

This Democratic liberal socialist to running for president not have any good ideas political for America citizens voters,only said stupidity comments and inappropriate promise


Let those in Congress vote on this or any proposal but only if it effects ALL people including all elements and persons of the government of the United States, including the President. I am just so tired of those in Congress imposing laws upon the taxpayer while exempting themselves. “It’s good for thee, but not for me”


It’s total bullshit . Obamacare hasn’t worked and those paying now know it isn’t cheap and deductibles are out of site whereas you still have no insurance


Good luck finding doctors.





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