Warren Tip-Toes Around Ancestry Fiasco Again After Trump Trolled Her With Mock 2020 Campaign Poster

Since announcing her 2020 presidential prospects, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is getting some heat from President Donald Trump after she continued to duck from questions about her ancestry.

During her first press conference, a reporter asked Warren what her message is to a Democratic voter who supports her issues but says, “I worry about electability, I worry about a campaign more about Native American ancestry than the middle class” — she dodged the question and instead suggested she understood “what’s happening to working families,” as IJR Red reported.

Following Warren’s discussion with reporters, President Trump was asked about his thoughts on if Warren could actually take over the White House, to which he responded, “Well, that I don’t know. You’d have to ask her psychiatrist.”

Brian Snyder/Reuters

The president labeled the Massachusetts senator “Pocahontas” over her claim to have Native American ancestry.

Warren received a lot of criticism when she revealed her DNA results, which showed she was a very small fraction of Native American — 1/1,024.

President Trump is continuing to troll Warren as he posted a campaign poster meme that says, “Warren. 1/2020th,” comparing the senator’s DNA results to a 2020 presidential campaign.

Warren brushed aside President Trump’s trolling meme as she told NBC News the president “can bluster forever.”

The senator again dodged the ancestry question and went on to explain what she wants to focus on in her 2020 presidential bid:

“Across this country wages are flat, across this country the cost of health care, the cost of sending your kids to college, the cost of housing, the cost of retirement are going up, up, up. Those are the things that matter to hard working families, and the reason that those things are happening are because of bad decisions being made right now in Washington.”

Although she continues to avoid comments about her claimed Native American ancestry, that criticism will likely continue as she pursues steps toward running in the 2020 presidential election.


  1. if that orange lying sack of shit can the win the presidency.Anybody can. I wonder if the IRS will still be auditing all of Trumps taxes in 2020. Trump will be high energy snorting adderall and healing those bone spurs.

  2. Warren, that lie will hang around your neck like the albatross

  3. Lizzie reminds me of the arrogant and fearless boss-mama Toulouse goose who patrols the Edgartown square in Martha’s Vineyard, guarding the sidewalks slick and slippery with her native tribe’s poo.

  4. Maybe if she’d Instagrammed microwaving a Hot Pocket or Lean Cuisine instead…..

    (full disclosure: I’ve never had a Hot Pocket or Lean Cuisine)

    1. Hey double dong. Will Trumps 2015 taxes still be in Audit?

  5. *sigh* Lizzie, you’re one step above Hillary’s animatronics.

    It’s bad enough that you instagrammed from your kitchen, q.v. Hillary’s “baking cookies” quip, but then you drank a beer. OK. A lot of people do that, myself included, but you were like an chimp with a multitool opening it. At least you didn’t amputate a thumb. Maybe you should have swilled from a wine box of chardonnay, like at most campus social events.

  6. As the first announced candidate it’s natural the press and others focus on her. She’ll be craving the attention once more announce.

    The flap over her “ancestry” claims will haunt her forever. Look for other candidates to mention it. Also consider her mis-step in declaring 7k MA citizens were suffering due to the shutdown but dedicating her salary to refugees. She should have omitted that first part if virtue-signaling and others will make hay of it.

  7. “that criticism will likely continue as she pursues steps toward running in the 2020 presidential election”

    Yeah, because journalists need column inches to fill. This is beneath you, Madison. Move on.

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