Washington D.C.’s New Temporary Court Order Against Smoking In Your Own Home Is Already Making Waves

The privacy of your own home may no longer be the safe-haven you think it is. Edwin Gray lives in a D.C. home that his family has owned for the last 50 years; and he’s smoked in the house much of the time he’s lived there.

Now, his days of smoking inside his own home could be ending:

Image credit: Screenshot/ABC7

ABC News 7 reports that his neighbors, who have a baby on the way, have sought $500,000 in damages due to Gray’s indoor smoking. The couple who initiated the lawsuit claim that smoke drifts into their house through a hole in the basement.

The judge has filed a temporary injunction against Gray and his sister, which orders him to stop smoking in his house:

Image credit: Screenshot/ABC7

“We were floored,” said Gray’s sister, Mozella Johnson.

Johnson says she was shocked a lawsuit filed by neighbors who moved in last year could now dictate what the family can do inside its home.

“If this judge has done this, who will be next? What other neighbor will be next?” Johnson asked.”

Similar legislative moves have been made in other places. California introduced legislation in 2013 that banned smoking in your home if your residence shared walls with other residences. That law passed, and went into effect later that year, according to Huffington Post.