WATCH: Bill Clinton Comes to Al Franken’s Defense Over Sexual Harassment Claims — Yes, Really

On Thursday, Bill Clinton sat down with PBS’s Judy Woodruff for an interview. The topic of the change in cultural norms having to do with sexual harassment came up.

Woodruff said that what happened with Clinton and Monica Lewinsky was more serious than what happened with Al Franken, who resigned in the midst of sexual harassment allegations. She went on to explain that “norms have changed” and asked Clinton if he thought that was a good thing.

“Well, in general, I think it’s a good thing, yes,” he said in response. “I think it’s a good thing that we should all have higher standards.”

“I think the norms have really changed in terms of what you can do to somebody against their will. How much you can crowd their space, make them miserable at work. You don’t have to physically assault somebody to make them uncomfortable at work or at home or just walking around.”

He then came to Franken’s defense.

“For me, it was a difficult case, a hard case, there may be things I don’t know” he said. “Maybe I’m just an old fashioned person, but it seemed to me that there were 29 women on ‘Saturday Night Live and they put out a statement for him.”

He added that it’s a “grievous thing to take away from the people a decision they have made, especially when there is an election coming up again.”

“Too late to wade into it now,” Clinton concluded in the interview. 

Watch the video below. 




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