Watch Donald Trump Announce Plans for a Trump Tower Moscow

The bombshell revelations of the past week have focused renewed attention on Donald Trump’s ties to Russia, or to a particular Russian family, to be exact. The email chain that Donald Trump Jr. released, in addition to a host of other damaging revelations, identified Emin and Aras Algarov as Russian government cutouts who were part of an ongoing Russian government effort to support Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy.

Later in the week, it was also revealed that a representative of the Algarov family attended the Trump Tower meeting planned in those emails, apparently along with anyone who could produce a ticket stub for a recent Mets game.

Those revelations cast Trump’s relationship with the Algarovs in a new light, as does this recently surfaced clip of Trump announcing plans for a Trump Tower Moscow during a press conference at the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow:

We’re thinking about doing a Trump Tower Moscow, so we’re talking to a group of people about doing that.

That pageant was sponsored by the Algarovs, to the tune of $7 million, and Trump’s planned Trump Tower Moscow was to be built in partnership with the Algarovs, as Trump told TASS in 2013:

American billionaire and businessman Donald Trump plans to build an office centre in Russia to be like New York’s Trump Tower.
The businessman, who is in Moscow in connection with the Miss Universe 2013 beauty contest finals, told Itar-Tass that he planned to launch a business in Russia and was negotiating with Russian companies to build such a skyscraper.

Among the companies is Crocus Group of Russian billionaire Aras Agalarov. The company owner confirmed to Itar-Tass that there were plans for joint construction projects with Trump. “We began to discuss joint work in the area of real estate a few days ago,” Agalarov said. This year, Crocus has participated in the organization of the Miss Universe show owned by Trump.

According to Forbes, the plans got as far as a letter of intent, but were shelved when Trump began his presidential run.

Aside from the massive speculative value of these ties, they make it next to impossible to believe that Trump wasn’t told about the collusion meeting, which has been the official story from the participants so far. Trump himself even admitted to reporters that he “maybe” was told about the meeting, although the White House tried to cover up this fact. So far, it appears to have had an effect, as this admission has been woefully underreported.

Trump may never have gotten the chance to build his tower in Moscow, but Moscow certainly has built a tower of something out of Trump here. Most of us didn’t think it could pile that high.

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