WATCH: The View’s Joy Behar Says New Time Magazine Cover Is Like a ‘Nightmare’ for Her

Time Magazine caught headlines on Friday after it put President Donald Trump on its cover and made it look like he saw himself as a king:

The photo’s caption read, “KING ME” and the story was about Trump’s alleged “war” on special counsel Robert Mueller. 

Joy Behar, who co-hosts The View, suggested on Friday that she’d thought of a scenario in which Trump would try to assume authority like that.

“Now, the new ‘Time’ magazine cover was ripped straight out of my nightmares,” Behar told viewers on Friday.

Watch Behar’s reaction below:

The cover came amid complaints about Trump claiming he could pardon himself:

“He wants to pardon himself,” Behar said. “He says he’s above the law.”

After co-host Sunny Hostin suggested that Trump was like a dictator, Behar asked, “Am I wrong or didn’t the founding fathers come up with the Constitution … to avoid this exact thing?” Behar asked.

“A lot of people died in the Revolutionary War because of that,” she added.

Co-host Meghan McCain chimed in, arguing that most people in America didn’t care about the Time Magazine cover and thought that the media regularly reported “fake news.”

Behar also argued that Trump was acting like a king when he attacked the media. “The business of fake news and all the lying that he does, and denigrating the press — to me, that is like the erosion of democracy. It is the exact king-like behavior,” she said.

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