Watch What Happens When Someone Making Fun of Kim Jong Un Enters North Korean Cheer Section

Ever since the first day of Olympic competition in Pyeongchang, South Korea, media outlets have been raving over the North Korean cheerleaders.

The women, dressed alike and chanting in unison, have cheered on the united Korean team in multiple events every day of the games — and the hockey game that pitted Korea against Japan was no exception.

During the game Wednesday, the cheerleading section had a bit of a shake-up as a young man who looked a lot like North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un strolled onto the scene, waving a flag.

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ABC News reported:

Some cheerleaders immediately averted their gaze as the impersonator, who later only identified himself as Howard, smiled and waved to crowds who came to watch a unified Korean team play Japan at the Pyeongchang Games.

“They are playing a good game, they scored one goal. As a president, it’s all I can ask for,” Howard said, shortly after plain-clothed officials from South Korea’s National Counterterrorism Centre moved him away from the cheerleaders, who he said had been doing a very good job.

“I mean I trained them by myself so, of course, they’re the best in the world,” he said.

Howard, apparently the same Kim Jong Un impersonator who caused a stir earlier with another man dressed as American President Donald Trump, certainly made an entrance:

As the young man was escorted from the section, he was overheard telling officials he just wanted to cheer and wave his flag:

The cheerleaders appeared to be at first taken aback and then angry:

And Korean officials eventually took the young man aside for further questioning:

But a short time later, he was released and on his way — but not before allowing a few amused spectators to take photos as he made his way to the exit:

Howard told reporters that after being “briefly detained,” he had been politely asked to exit the arena — had he actually been in North Korea, however, his impersonation of Kim Jong Un would have been considered blasphemy, and it would likely have resulted in much harsher punishment.

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