‘Very Much the Same’: Watergate Prosecutor Compares Trump’s Recent Behavior to Nixon’s Final Days

Donald Trump
Yuri Gripas/File Photo/Reuters

Isolation, fear, paranoia. To former assistant special prosecutor to the Watergate case Nick Akerman, President Donald Trump is exhibiting many of the same signs Nixon did toward the end of his turbulent presidency.

This week, Trump stayed mostly at home in the White House instead of his planned Christmas trip to his golf resort in Mar a Lago because of the government shutdown. He sent out a self-pitying tweet about being alone on Christmas Eve.

Akerman couldn’t help but see some similarities. “[It’s] very much the same,” he said on MSNBC Wednesday. “Nixon really kept to himself, he wound up sitting in front of the fire just kind of ruminating.” Akerman said that Nixon’s Secretary of Defense was so worried, he told everyone not to follow orders from the president in case he wanted to fire missiles at Russia.

While Trump may not be at the point of randomly firing missiles at foreign countries, Akerman said he’s feeling the pressure from the Mueller investigation.

“He’s got the entire wall falling in on him this point. He’s got three cooperating witnesses, three people that are very close to him,” he said, outlining that Trump’s former security advisor Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort’s former deputy Rick Gates and Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen are all in on the investigation.

“I don’t think we ever had witnesses in Watergate that were that close to Nixon.”

Watch the video below:

Akerman seemed confident in Mueller’s investigation and is interested in what the results will be, and if he’ll name Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner or even the president as tied with a Russian conspiracy.

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This gave me the biggest laugh of the Christmas Season. This Ass. Pros. hasn’t a clue as to the mindset of President Trump. President Trump is playing it perfectly. He played this guy, especially. Wow, thanks for the laugh!


The government’s greatest fear now is that the shutdown will take a long time to get resolved, and that We The People will realize how little they do for us and how little they’re missed!!

Clinton Pirtle

I’m enjoying watching Trump drive the media nuts. The media will continue to be mean, petty and desperate for something to stop him. Trump is doing what we elected him to do. I’m amazed at what he has accomplished while engaged in an uphill battle with the media, the democrats and some in his own party.

Andrea Hayes

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I lived through the Watergate scandal and yes the turmoil is similar , I voted for President Trump and had very high hopes , with the tariffs he implemented we lost all our lives savings , and my son who is a brilliant project manager in digital communications has not been able to find a job in 16 months , the Company he worked for years downsized and him and his crew have not been able to find decent jobs. And we are booming ? no we never got really out of the recession .


I realize that most established politicians loathe Trump.And the media LOVES to hate Trump.So, other than being Trump, what exactly has he done that would justify a legal impeachment? I ask this very sincerely. Not what crimes we THINK or WISH for and evidence we IMAGINE could be somewhere, but actual, in the real world, crimes and evidence? I have been following this since before the election.All I see is crazed hatred for a man and a lot drama rooted out of that hatred.Someone please explain.


I think Trump’s tweet was quite the opposite. It was somewhat self-effacing, a faux woe is me. Had he gone off to Mar a Lago, he would have been ripped for doing so. So, he waits in the White House and is ripped for doing so. He is in pincer movement of forces determined ab initio to strike him down, those forces arrayed are the press, the deep state, the RINOS and the Democrats of every stripe. But Trump is not morose and lugubrious as Nixon was.


The only conspiracy is involving the Democrats. Remember the memo that outlined the ‘secret society’ in the FBI to disrupt the Trump administration if he got elected. How about the conspiracy of Democrats that falsely accuse Trump’s appointees and Trump himself to delay or outright prevent even voting on their appointments. The Democrats, like this one, keep making up accusations and getting it printed in the Democrat supporting media as if it was true. The Witch Hunt continues.





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