‘This Is Not the End of Anything’: Maxine Waters Refuses to Lay off Trump Despite Lack of Charges From Mueller

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) will not be laying off President Donald Trump despite Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report yielding no indictments related to possible collusion between the Trump 2016 campaign and Russia.

Waters has been a vocal proponent of impeaching President Trump, as IJR reported previously. The congresswoman routinely calls the president “criminal” even though there have not been any charges brought against him.

Now that it looks as though Trump dodged further indictments from the Mueller investigation, Waters was asked by MSNBC’s Joy Reid how she will continue her efforts against Trump. During her Sunday morning interview, Waters explained that the lack of charges from the Mueller report changes nothing as far as her efforts to thwart Trump despite calls from conservatives for these investigations to end.


“I want to tell you that this president has a way of trying to get into people’s heads and indoctrinate them. He’s been saying ‘no collusion, no collusion, no collusion’ over and over again for a long time now and he’s going to try and conclude that this report is proving that there’s no collusion and you have a lot of his sycophants who will take the nod from him and say the same thing but we cannot allow them to get away with this. He does this all the time. This is not the end of anything.”

In the past, Waters was vocal about her support for Mueller and the investigation. She often tweeted about the dangers of undermining Mueller as he conducted his report.

At the moment, however, it looks as though Waters is not as confident that Mueller will bring the “justice” she thinks President Trump deserves. She, along with several other House Democrats, has vowed to continue the investigations via Congress if she does not feel the report offers enough answers.

Mueller turned over his report to Attorney General William Barr on Friday. Barr is expected to make an announcement about what will be released to Congress and the press sometime Sunday.


  1. Mad Max is absolutely correct. SHE does need to be impeached or thrown out of D.C. at the end of a bayonet. Few politicians in D.C. are carrying as much hatred or pitching as many temper tantrums as this CA female has with her incurable case of TDS.

  2. Mad Max has to keep braying like the jackass she is how else is she supppaed to throw off investigators and what few brain cells her constituents have regarding her various and sundry financial dealings and complete lack of any actual work on her part.

    1. How dare you talk about a member of the House Committee on Finances that way. Talk about givng a drunk the keys to the bar.

  3. Let’s not be distracted by the rantings of a TDS sufferer, whether in Congress or here.

    I wonder how she’ll react when AG Barr reopens an investigaton into Hillary’s duplicity WHILE IN OFFICE. It implicates many in the former admin including the Lightbringer™.

    Remember Elijah Cummings grousing about the relatively paltry costs of the Benghazi investigation (est. 5-6M). Crickets chirping on the cost of the Mueller investigation.

    1. Can’t say. Phil’s icon is a male wearing a football jersey and facing away from the camera. Maybe she’s a he?

      1. She thinks that football jersey gives her credibility. Too bad she keeps typing and takes any credibility away.

        1. I’ve always thought that wearing a football jersey, especially in a public photo, is bad taste, unless you’re ready to kneel during the anthem. That’s even worse taste.

  4. Talk about “half-baked”. I think this wack job is “fully-baked”.

    1. Mad Max, James Brown called. He wants his wig and face back.

    2. The concept of “baked” takes on a whole different meaning in light of the new, smoke-it-if-you-got-it legalization of marijuana. CA, Water’s home state is one of those.

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