Wayfair Employees Stage Walkout After Discovering Company Sold Hundreds of Beds to Border Camps

border detention camp
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Online furniture retailer Wayfair’s Boston headquarters saw empty desks and crowded streets on Wednesday as employees walked out in the middle of the workday to protest the company’s involvement in furnishing border detention camps.

According to the Boston Globe, employees discovered last week that Wayfair planned a major sale with government contractor BCFS and was about to receive $200,000 in revenue for supplying bedroom furniture to the detention sites.

Workers initially kept their complaints internal and pleaded to company leadership in a letter to halt the sale and stop all future business with contractors who would supply to the migrant detention sites. When leadership denied the request, disgruntled employees took it a step further.

On Wednesday, hundreds of employees walked out of work around 1:30 p.m and gathered at Trinity Church in Boston. They were joined by non-Wayfair employees that attended in solidarity. Chants of “Hey hey! Ho ho! ICE contracts have got to go!” rang out.

The walkout plan gained national attention Tuesday with politicians such as Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders expressing their support for the walkout.

The hashtag #WayfairWalkout trended nationally and by Wednesday morning, the accompanying Twitter account had over 22,000 followers.

Eventually, Wayfair leadership decided to soften the blow by announcing they would donate $100,000 to the American Red Cross to support their “effort to help those in dire need of basic necessities at the border.”

Twitter account @WayfairWalkout praised the donation, but pointed out that “the Red Cross has nothing to do with these ICE-operated facilities.”

The donation was made the day after @WayfairWalkout requested the company donate all of its profits from the sale to RAICES, a non-profit that provides legal services to immigrants and refugees.

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Makes perfect sense. Warren and Bernie are against treating the kids properly and humanely under Trump’s watch (giving them a clean bed, food, clothing, free medical care, etc.,) while continuing to rant about how mistreated the kids are AND doing absolutely NOTHING to correct the “problem”. Typical Leftist/Socialist hypocrites.


Great job Wayfair employees! Let’s refuse to sell ICE beds so that these poor kids have to sleep on the floor instead! You really showed them…


Donating the seemed like a good compromise, but Red Cross is a confusing place to donate.





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