‘We Continue to Outperform 2016’ Trump Campaign Shares Interesting Data About Who Attended Last Rally

Bryan Woolston/File Photo/Reuters

On Friday, Brad Parscale, President Donald Trump’s campaign manager, shared some interesting data about who attended Trump’s rally in Dallas, Texas.

According to Parscale, the president drew a crowd of 53,985 people, 21.4% of attendees were Democrats, 12% of attendees say they haven’t voted in the past four elections,  and 11% were Latino.

Three years into his presidency and under intense scrutiny over his foreign policy, Trump can still fill arenas with cheering supporters.

The share of Democratic voters who attended Trump’s rally is also interesting as Gallup’s tracking poll has found that his approval rating among Democratic voters has been hovering around five percent nationally.

That number also comes at a time when 84% of registered Democrats say they support the impeachment of Trump.

While several polls have shown Trump’s support slipping among crucial voting blocks, this tweet may provide a key insight into who supports the president.

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The poll that claimed “84% of registered Democrats support the impeachment of Trump” was a poll done of 100 Democratic Congressmen/women.


As usual, The Genitally Confused One and the addled from venereal disease, SyPhyllis , prefer to insult those who support the facts, rather than dispute the facts, (which they can’t).

Peg Lovett

I don’t believe in polls! As a registered Independent/Undeclared all of my life, I have never been asked to participate. I use the recent Fox poll as the lastest example of “how to create a false poll to fit your political narrative”………1. Fox polled 48% Democrats, 40% Republicans and 12% of Independents….2. Gallup polling found that 31% of Americans identified as Democrat, 24% identified as Republican, and 42% as Independent. THEREFORE these results do NOT reflect a TRUE poll. The largest group of voters are Independent, yet Fox only included 12% of Independent voters in this poll! Remember this….”There are… Read more »

General Confusion

Phyllis: and, as expected, my reply to you elicited another follow-up from an idiot.

Phyllis Softa

General, I am assuming that the 8 down votes to your comment literally do not know that more than ONE reply to a comment BLOCKS viewing of all replies. I hope this is not one of those things it takes R’s 7 years to figure out.

Bonnie Keever

Wonderful go Trump I am a Democrat and I will be voting for you in 20/20 woohoo


Those are some amazing numbers – it’s why there’s the in our face coup taking place. It will fail like everything else these fools have tried to do to Trump.


Stop listening to these polls. The last time the demwites did they lost. Trump is still very popular no matter what the polls say. You may think he’s bad but he is better than anyone else out there. He wants what is good for the USA and the people know it just look how many show up for his rally. Do any of the demwites draw as many people as he does. Even if you add the 3 together they don’t. Just think if they didn’t keep fighting him for the last 3 years how much more could be accomplished.





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